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Best In-Ear for $50-$100 USD?

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Sorry I'm a noob to this forum and just registered so please don't flame at me. I've been reading around to see which inears I should get and I'm pretty much stuck. My budget is $50-$100 for some nice decent headphones. My current is a Sony MDR-EX55 which probably isn't nearly as good as any of yours. I need some suggestions on something that would be a decent upgrade to but not cost an arm and a leg. I've been looking at the Sennheiser CX500, Shure SE110, and Shure E2C . I don't know many brands of headphone makers so other brands are definitely welcome. I listen to mostly alternative rock music, oldies from 50's -80's, R&B, hiphop, and pop and I do like a deep vibrant bass if it makes any difference. It would also be nice if you can include a link to the cheapest genuine reseller that I can buy it from. Thanks ahead of time!
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If you can stretch your budget by 30-40$. take a look at the Phonak Audeo PFEs. They're pretty popular right now and are said to be as good as top tier IEMs by some veteran members here. There's also a thread on them on the front page.

Take a look at the Nuforce NE-7M, they are also as good as some 150$ 'phones for a third of the price.
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$50 to $100 is a huge range...

The CX500s are bassy, but I found them muddy. CX95s sounded better. The Shures you mentioned won't satisfy bass-wise, I don't think. Denon C551 would be a good buy, for your sonic preferences.
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philips She9850 ?
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CX 95 or C551.
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IMO, C551 > CX95 > CX500. In terms of SQ, anyway. And microphonics. The Senns win on comfort, though.
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You can still get the Shure SCL4 for $80 (in white only) from music123.com, musiciansfriend.com, or guitarcenter.com.

Just be warned you'll have to probably wait until early February before they'll ship. However, if you're looking for the best sound quality from an IEM under $100, the SCL4 is most assuredly it right now.
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^ Yes.
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try the Nuforce NE7 with comply t400 tips.

Originally Posted by Aevum View Post
philips She9850 ?
ive tried these (philips SHE9850)
- nice mids and hi
- anemic bass (no bass)
- hard to insert into your ears (not comfortable at all)

i am iem user for 3years and have 6iems. trust me ,i had a good seal.

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C551 > CX95 > CX500
where to buy c551 and cx95 from US dealers?

how does the nuforce 7 compare with the denon c551? and how about nuforce 8?
i do own an iphone so the mic in nuforce is a big +.

and does the foam tips really make a big difference?
from the looks of the website, it looks like a whole bunch of bs? foam tips for stock apple headphones? do u really need that?

edit: how do i search up the tips for the nuforce? which brand is it under?
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I just saw that head-direct.com has the RE2's on sale for $49. That is a really good deal. I have the RE2's and I've heard the C551's. They are really at opposite ends of a spectrum. The C551's are way more bassy. The RE2's have controlled bass but not very much of it. Overall, however, I strongly prefer the RE2's because the detail is so much better than the C551's. If you like accuracy and don't need a lot of bass, go for the RE2's.
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Before I was interested in headphones and when I never heard of Head-Fi.org, I read that the V-moda vibes are pretty good.

I'm not sure if these are good at all, so what do you guys think?
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Holy thread-hijacking, Batman. Please use the Search function.
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SCL4, easily the best for the money in the us right now

c751 c551 or cx95 would also be good if you want a little more thump in the bass department
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