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I just bought DanG's RS-2s. They are in great condition and I would do business with him again with no hesitation.

EDIT: He gave me a CD too!
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DanG bought a cable from me and was a good guy to deal with.

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Bought Dan's Wheatfield amp and highly recommend him for doing business. Amp as advertised and shipped as promised. Thanks Dan.
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Great guy to deal with. I had no fear really as I knew him. Took the Melos Sha-1 right off my hands quickly when I need to sell it. A man of his word. Highly recommended!
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Awesome guy to work with! He responds quickly to email, is extremely courteous... he's the glue that holds this marketplace together.

DanG is the man! I give him my highest possible recommendation!
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I bought Dan's MSP (sorry, man). We had a bit of a shipping mishap where he sent them to my other state of residence, but this is nothing I can blaim him for. The headphones are here and more wonderful than I could have imagined.

He listens, no matter how mundane my question and is honest about the condition of his equipment.

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Sold him the EJ-01. He paid extremly fast. Very nice guy to know. Highly recommend.

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I bought a TA 4.5V from Dan. Piece of cake transaction and the amp came in perfect shape well packaged. All for a good price!

Thanks again, Dan!
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Just recieved the Axiom Millennia speakers that I bought from Dan. They are in great condition, and were shipped right on time. Thanks Dan.
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Very easy to deal with , sent payment as promised, he's a good example of the way transations should go , smooooth
Thanks enjoy
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Got some Headphones from Dan in a trade. They were exactly as described.

He’s a very nice gentleman to deal with.


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I've had several transactions with Dan. MD's, a leather MD case and a Grado adapter. He also was nice enough to buy a camera from a US online store on my behalf so that I could get a great price on a killer camera.

After all these transactions, I have no complaints, and nothing but praise for Dan. A top trader!
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Aye. Ya gotta admit, DanG is swift with his delivery.

Damn (dang!), I blinked and it was in the mailbox!

Such sweet, sweet, earphones, the E888s, and DanG's generousity made it pactically a Head-Fi gift!

Many thanks, Dan!

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I bought a Sony MZ-R900 and a Porta Corda amp from Dan. I must say, never before have I met such friendliness and professionalism. Dan was always prompt and through with his replies, always took great pains to make sure there was no ambiguity and was very generous with the sale (threw in a set of cans and extra MD's too).

Very highly recommended.

Thanks Dan.
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A coupla CD's

DanG was great.

He shipped quick, and the merchandise is exactly as advertised.

I mean, what more can you ask for?

Oh yeah, he packed it like it was going to be seriously abused - to make sure it survived unscathed. DanG coulda gone cheap, but went 1st class.

I would buy from him anytime.
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