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Here are some initial impressions from last night.
I have only had them 2 days, so this is a quick impression.

First of all, I love the plug!
It is heavy and absolutely beautiful.
I don't know why this excited me this much, but it did.

Anyhow, the WA6 SE did sound good with the LA7000’s but it was my vintage Pioneer that stole the show!
It seems to like the solid state amp much better.
The LA7000's absolutely ROCKED with my vintage Pioneer.
Here is a close-up of the settings I used.
A added a little base, and subtracted a little treble.

Johnnie Taylor — Good Love (Sounded GREAT with the Pioneer)
Mel Waiters — Throw Back Days (Sounded GREAT with the Pioneer)
Everlast — Eat at Whitey’s (Sounded GREAT with the Pioneer)
The Cure — Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (Sounded GREAT with the Pioneer)
Pink — Missundaztood (Sounded GREAT with the Pioneer)

*Tracy Chapman — New Beginning (This was a surprise? This CD sounded GREAT with the WA6 SE! — I don’t know why this CD was different than the others but it was. I went back and forth between the two amps and the WA6 SE was the clear winner.)

Indigo Girls — Retrospective (Sounded GREAT with the Pioneer)

The sound of the LA7000 is very pleasant and colorful. The Bass is tight and not overpowering. Mids and highs are natural and defined. The LA7000's seem to be very source dependent, and my initial impressions is that they like a high quality solid state amplifier. I an anxious to hear what the Kenwood (more powerful than the Pioneer) with Vinyl sounds like!

Comfort: They are not a light headphone nor are they too heavy. You definitely know that they are on your head. Having said that, they are very comfortable.

More to come...
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Keep updating on the denons. Post you impressions once burned in especially with the Woo
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Great pics, Ray! As always, your vintage Pioneer gear makes me yearn for the good old days when I owned the same R-T-R and amp... of course they were new then.
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Mark already burned them in.

Quote from Mark: The unit is all but brand new, just broken in in anticipation of sending it
off to the reviewer (150 hours of play with Isotek burn-in CD).
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Originally Posted by paara View Post
Makes me happy just looking at picture of them
It's a very impressive setup. Super nice, congrats
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I'm really, getting interested in these Woo Audio amps. I feel myself getting pulled back in.
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@CrazyRay: At first I wanted to post, "stop showing off."  smile.gif


But then I realized your enthusiasm and excitement are manifesting as a genuine desire to share with us: you love music and sharing your experience. And then I got infected with your enthusiasm, and here I am, reading WA6-SE threads until I'm cross-eyed and saving the WA6-SE to my Amazon wishlist.


Ay carumba! We've all unwittingly become Jack Woo's marketing department (and a more sincere and effective marketing department there has been not.)


Ray, thank you very much for sharing your experience and photos with us. Beautiful set-up, on multiple levels!

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Thanks for the compliment sunmonkey.

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