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Woo Audio WA6 SE in da house! (Lots of photos)

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Woo Audio WA6SE with Meridian 506 CD Player through a Pioneer SA-8100 integrated amplifier.

Still burning it in, but the first thing that I noticed that it is dead quiet!
I turned the volume as far as it would go and pure silence!!
Build quality is also incredible.
Another thing that I noticed you really need to hear the Darths trough this amp!
The base really gets tamed through this unit.
Nice and punchy but not too heavy.
It could be the combination of the Meridian and Pioneer?
But whatever it is IT WORKS!
I am loving it!!!

I cannot wait until the 100 hour mark.

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They all look awesome!
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A couple more!

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Simply beautiful! Best of luck with it
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Hey do you mind writing about how the amp works in 2 separate cases like that?

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One chassis contains the power supply, the other is the amplifier.
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Excellent choise, sir.

After 200h+ (800h+ if you went with all the options) you will hear what this hype is all about

Did you have any other headphone amp?
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This is my first dedicated headphone amp.
I was using a Kenwood KA-907 pre amp and a Pioneer SA-8100 integrated amp.
They both sound incredible BTW.
So far the Deep V3 Darth Headphones sound awesome on the WA6 SE and the Grado Elite’s sound great with the Kenwood and the Pioneer amps.

What is nice about the Kenwood and the Pioneer is the ability to adjust the Treble and Bass.
The Grado Elite’s seem to need extra bass, which is easy to add on the the Kenwood and the Pioneer.
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If I were you I'd bypass the Pioneer receiver; you aren't doing your sound quality any favors by adding that interface between your great CDP and the Woo amp.
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Then I won't be able to use my Turntable, Reel to Reel and Tuner?

BTW, I am thinking on getting a second set of interconnects for when I am just listening to the CDP.

I would connect the second set of interconnects to Channel 2 and then I would only need to switch the back plugs on the CDP.
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Woah, that Sophia sure lights up nicely.
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Yeah, that Sophia is so intimidating.
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The Woo 6 SE version is really of one of the best headphone amps I have ever heard. It is magnificent and a true masterpiece and is better than other amps twice the price. I am a little confused why you are putting a reciever in between the CD player and the Woo amp. IMO, when you add a reciever in the mix, you are also adding the solid state harshness and losing the pure tube sound. But if you like it, that's fine.
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I can see a very nice set up that the WA6 Maxed is sitting together, congrats.
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I think the Meridian/WA 6SE combo is stunning. I just picked up a 508.20 and my jaw dropped the first time I hit play on the Meridian.

You could get creative and run some balanced -> rca adapters off the Meridian straight to the WA6SE. That would bypass the Pioneer.
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