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Do I win a prize?

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Do you have time for a quick story?

When I was in junior high, my paternal grandfather was living with us in the basement bedroom, and had been for a couple of years. Although his health was deteriorating quickly and he needed constant care, he never lost his dry sense of humor. After all, he was an Irishman! "Beer and cigarettes," he would say, "... that's all a man needs." Of course he hadn't had either for years, but he still laughed to himself about it, and would often reflect back on his bar hopping days. He was quite the character, to say the least.

My mom was (and still is) an amazing woman, raising 6 kids between the ages of 1 and 12, running us all around our little home town to wherever we needed to be, and still finding time to cook, clean, look after her father-in-law and have supper on the table for dad when he got home from work. I have no idea how she managed to do it all so effortlessly. But she'll now admit to having taken a short cut every now and then when there was too much to manage.

She and I got to laughing the other day when I was home visiting her over the holidays. I asked her if she remembered the disaster of a double layered birthday cake that she had made for one of my brothers. I mean, that poor thing was really pathetic! But it was presented with pride in any event, and as we all sat around the table about to sing happy birthday to my then 5 year-old brother (who didn't seem to notice the imperfections in the cake because it was shaped like Speed Racer's car -- well, sort of -- just as he had requested), she suddenly came out with a confession.

She said, "Listen now, kids, please be very careful because there are some toothpicks hidden in the cake. That's the only way I could keep it from falling apart..." We all heard her, but sort of ignored the message because, well, we were kids and there was birthday cake and ice cream to be eaten! But she kept an eye out and wandered around the table collecting the toothpicks as we found them. Then suddenly, my grandfather looks up, holding a toothpick in his hand and with a half smile as he shows it to my mom, he sheepishly asks, "Do I win a prize?"

We're still not sure to this day if he was actually serious, or if he was just pulling her leg? She thinks she saw a twinkle in his eyes, but she can't be sure. At that particular time, he was really quite ill, and actually passed on a couple of months later. So maybe he just got confused and didn't grasp the intent of her announcement about the toothpicks (which was to make sure that nobody choked)! Perhaps he thought it was a game, and that the toothpick hunt was intended to be part of the fun? Mom was always full of surprises, so that wouldn't have an been entirely unreasonable assumption on his part.

I guess we'll never know for sure. I think he was half serious and half kidding because he then put on what looked like a bit of an act by slumping his shoulders in disappointment when learning that he didn't actually win a prize. Whatever the case may be, he sure had a contented look on his face when he first found that toothpick hidden in his piece of cake, as though it was actually an accomplishment worth celebrating!

In the scope of life, of course this little event meant nothing at all. But at the moment it was totally hilarious (at least to an 11 year-old). He was a simple and complicated man all wrapped up in one; none of us could ever even begin to understand what was going on in his mind. Was he actually serious?

So this is my 10,000th post at Head-Fi. Do I win a prize? Or is it just another hidden toothpick in the grand scheme of life, to be enjoyed only for a fleeting moment, but always -- in some small way -- remembered for whatever it was worth?

Edit: For my "roll of thanks" please see post #10 in this thread.
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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
So this is my 10,000th post at Head-Fi. Do I win a prize?
Yes. Another year as a moderator
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Welcome to Hell, old man
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A rare and somewhat dubious honour. Allow me to get you a drink.

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You'll be there soon Duggeh. Only 2,348 posts to go

To Wayne: I noticed the 10k and posted in pabbi's cable thread a congrats, but it's worthy of yet another post of grats, so grats on 10k.
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congrats. hope you're here for another 10K
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Nice little story...Congrats on the 10k...
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As we Chinese say: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam SENG!
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Well done Wayne!
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I just wanted to say thanks:

To Jude for having the wisdom to start Head-Fi when he did, and for the determination and commitment to intelligently manage its growth over the years;

To Mike Briant, our co-administrator and Moderatorus Supremus, for doing the lion's share of behind-the-scenes thankless tasks for so many years;

To each of my fellow moderators for their work in helping to make Head-Fi a better place;

To our many long-time sponsors, for their generous and much needed support;

To immtbiker, Voltron, tyrion, and jp11801 and their 'teams' for taking leadership roles in organizing the absolutely amazing national meets that we all deserve to be proud of;

To anyone who has ever hosted a local Head-Fi meet;

To everyone who has taken the time to write detailed and well articulated product reviews;

To those who have contributed in all sorts of other significant ways by their day to day participation here.

Head-Fi has always been a fun place to hang out, at least for me. The people make it that way. I've made many lasting friendships as a result of my involvement with the site, both cyber friends and those whom I've come to know on a more personal level. For those who have grown to like me over the years, well hey, I like you too. For those who don't, send me a PM outlining your concerns, and I'll arrange a temporary ban at my earliest convenience.

I know all of this is kind of corny, but I really do think it's appropriate to pause from time to time to say thanks to those who have made a positive difference around the place.
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I am going to read all of it in a minute. I loved your 'see how I found Head-Fi' story.
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Well, there better be a prize for making 10,000 posts. Otherwise, I've got to knock this off.

And congrats, Wayne!
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Congrats man!

i was little touched by reading your first reminded me of my grandfather....he passed away few months ago was very saddening because i grew up around my i understand such moments in the family.

he was also like that in many ways.


10k is something special...hope u reach 20k sooner. Best of luck
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Aww that is cute.

Well, at least you mom didn't pull this as the prize:
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Wayne just 10,000! I sure look forward to your 20,000 post, if it is half as good as your 10,000 it will be a doozy!
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