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The Official Hong Kong Meet Thread (for 01/31/09)

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Date: Saturday Jan. 31st 2009
Time: 1:30 PM

*** I picked 1:30PM to give everybody time to eat before they get here, as we don't have any good restaurants on campus (besides the 7/11!) The canteen is managed by Cafe de Coral and is about one or two steps below an actual retail Cafe de Coral. Their is a staff restaurant we can order from but it's a 10 minute walk from the location and they only do simple takeout like fried noodles or rice.

If another time would better suit you let me know. ***

The event will be held at the Hong Kong Institute of Education (教育學院), located in Tai Po (大埔) in the New Territories. Here is a Google map.

We'll be using ClubIED for the meet - it's about a 3-5 minute walk from the entrance to the campus. Here are some pics:

Here is a map of the campus. ClubIED is located at B3, on the Podium Level, which is one level below Ground, the one you come in. Buses drop you off in the area marked Taxi/Bus.

Below are some transportation options. If you have any questions please let me know, I've found many ways to get back to Tai Po so far in my time in Hong Kong.
There are several buses which go to Tai Po from all over Hong Kong. They are:
72x - From Mong Kok
73x - From Tsuen Wan.
74x - From Kwun Tong - pick up at APM mall near Kwun Tong MTR Station, or from Diamond Hill MTR station.
75x - From Kowloon City.
271 - From Tsim Sha Tsui, up through Nathan Road and onto the highway.
307 - From Hong Kong Island - picks up in Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay.

For the above, I find the easiest method is to take these buses until either the Kwong Fuk Estate (廣福鸷) or Kwong Fuk Road (廣福道) stops, and get off. The Kwong Fuk Estate stop is the first stop after you get off the highway; the Kwong Fuk Road stop is the second stop after the highway, and drops you off in the middle of old Tai Po, which is urban. You'll know the stop by the giant China Travel Service banner. Both stops drop you off near stops for the 26 minibus. Take the 26 all the way to the end and you'll end up at HKIEd.

Another option is take buses to Tai Po Center (大埔中心), which is a bus terminus, and to then take the 275 which will take you to HKIEd. This is however slower.

Get on the East Rail Line (interchanges with the Kwun Tong (green) line at Kowloon Tong) and take it toward Lo Wu/Lok Ma Chau. Get off at Tai Po Market. Follow the signs for the bus terminal. Don't take the first stairs up, take the second one (which says 275R for some reason). The 275 stop will be located at the end of the block. The 275 however is quite slow and only runs every 15-20 minutes, you'll often find yourself stuck at the bus stop forever. It's not so bad though in the winter. Alternatively, a taxi from the KCR station will cost around 30-35 HKD, and you can have them drive you into IED itself.

A taxicab from the Tai Po Market KCR station costs about 30-35 HKD.

Try to eat before coming to the meet. There's a lack of good food around IEd! After the meet, we can perhaps go to Tai Mei Tuk, which has some nice Thai restaurants. It's about 10-15 minutes away by bus.

The list is at the moment:

Equipment List:

** Please PM what you will bring or what changes you want to be made to the list. **

Amps & DACs & etc.:
Mhdt Havana (XXII)
Corda Move (XXI)
Gilmore Lite (XXII)
Head-direct RE-1 (XXII)
Lisa XP (GreenLeo)
Corda Move(GreenLeo)
Tomahawk (GreenLeo)
Yarland P100 (fhuang)
SR71a (fhuang)
P51 (fhuang)
The Phonitor (fkclo)
VALAB HA-01 tube amp (fkclo)
iTransport (ASi modificiation + ultra clock + bybee filters) + Chord QBD76(fkclo)
VALAB NOS DAC 2009 (dannie01)
Nagra CDP (fkclo)
Corda Symphony (fkclo)
Graham Slee Voyager (fkclo)
Rudistor XJ-03 (fkclo)
iBasso D2 Boa (daggerlee)
iRoc NOS DAC (GreenLeo)
Audiosector DIY DAC (GreenLeo)
Unibody Macbook Pro (daggerlee)

Edition 9 (fkclo)
HHF-1 Ebony (fkclo)
K701 (RAL recabled) (fkclo)
ESW10JPN (fkclo)
HD650 with a choice of 3rd party cables (fkclo)
K601 (daggerlee)
AKG K270 playback (XXII)
ALOJ780 (GreenLeo)
K701 (GreenLeo)
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Thanks for your efforts daggerlee! Do we need to contribute anything to cover your costs?

I will be bringing:

Mhdt Havana, Gilmore Lite, AKG K270 playback, Head-direct RE-1, Corda Move
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Thanks daggerlee.

I may bring the following items:
Lisa XP, Corda Move, Tomahawk

iRoc NOS DAC, Audiosector DIY DAC

ALOJ780, K701 (Recabled by RAL?)

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Cool guys - one thing I'd like for everybody to do is to bring a power strip. Not sure if there will be enough sockets to go around! I'll have some adapters on hand as well.
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I'll be bringing my unibody Macbook Pro, which can serve as a lossless USB/optical out transport

For those interested, I suggest you bring a USB key filled with your favorite songs (lossless or lossy) and we can use the Macbook as a transport

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suddenly got a long business trip on my schedule starting 31st. really disappointed missing the meet coz i'm going to make up plans on some new equipment. u guys have fun.
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Ooh, I'm in HK at the moment. If I'm free I may well come to this to meet some HK members!

I only have my iRiver H332, Mini Audio 7 and IE8 though.......
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That's okay whizmika. Enjoy your trip!

nsx23, sure drop on by, there'll be plenty of room!
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damn i wont be back til early march would u guys be able to setup a meet again then??? i am looking into getting a good amp for my headphones as well, i have HD650 w/ Stephan Audioart cables and i need to look into getting a good portable and at home amp.

Hopefully you guys will have a meet again.
Also where do you guys get your equipment for your amps in HK i dont know gd locations in HK to get amp equipment
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This sounds awesome. I will try to drop in with a relative of mine.

EDIT: I just realized I won't be in HK for this event. Damn.
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I will have to leave early on Saturday to attend another important meeting. For the same reason, I can't bring along much items because of the difficulty in trafficking. I will bring along the Ultrasone Pro 900. For those interested therefore please try out this item earlier into the event.
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Thanks daggerlee,

I will bring the JVC HP-DX100 with me along the Valab 2009 Dac to the meet. See u guys on Sat.
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I also would like to wish you all a nice meet! Did you know there are three meets scheduled for the 31st?
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Will anybody be bringing music files like FLAC? Let me know so I can maybe download an OSX appropriate player
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Originally Posted by apatN View Post
I also would like to wish you all a nice meet! Did you know there are three meets scheduled for the 31st?
Thanks for the well wishes Seems like it'll be a busy day worldwide!
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