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Netherlands Pre-Party Meet 18-01-09  

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First of all: A big thanX to Rik for hosting and being a wonderful one at that!
ThanX to your mom too for all the food she provided us with which was really sweet!

So, home again, eaten and everything and it sure was a fun afternoon! I missed our meets so I loved this one and it went so fast. So fast that I hope it'll be May soon

Here are some pics, not much and nothing special at all but they'll give you an impression:

Impressions as in written words will follow later...

Sorry Onyu, ApatN, Rico and Anouk you couldn't make it. I really hope that in Eindhoven you will be around!
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I guess more pictures, and impressions follow shortly...
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Indra, your pictures are amazing as usual. Wish I coulda made it.
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What! No WINE in any of the pictures! what went wrong? Dead serious I am, no wine no meet.

As usual great pics and great gear, although I am sure both pale to the great guys/gals present at the meet.
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Another thanks to Rik for hospitality. I've had a great day.
I think half of the people had cameras so I guess more pics will follow.

Some short thoughts:
All of these ran out of Duet/GS Solo.

Was happy to finally hear the DT880 in real life (instead of in my head, reading these forums ). Sound nice and natural and very detailed. Also surprised how much they isolate for an 'open' headphone.Much more than the HD650/SR325i I'm used to. Sometimes a bit harsh, but could've been the music too. Did like them but they didn't grab me. I prefer my own HD650's for the more musical/warmish sound they give. These go off my upgrade list for now.

The MS-PRO's where just great, a little like I expected actually. Adding a little more warmth to the already loved SR325i sound, they are definitely a reminder that I just have to get the RS-1's I've been looking for for a while.

Luckily I did not listen to the ED9 for long enough to fall in love, or I would've had to buy those too. Came pretty close though . I did not really expect it after first hearing the HFI780 also present. Did really not like those, shrill highs and too much overpowering bass, plasticky. But the ED9 was just life like. Amazing sound.

And another surprise was the HD650 + Equinox cable. Never really was a believer of high-end cables, but that might just have changed. Could all be placebo too of course but hey... sounded great. Seemed a little more detailed and with tighter bass than stock cable. Reminded me of how much I love the HD650's. Another possible future upgrade.
Did not really like the Cardas cable that was there too which seemed a little too bright.

Listened to W1000 very shortly, but that one did not do it for me. Might have been because it was a bit noisy, they seem like very intimate headphones.

That's it for now, if I think about something more I'll add it.
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And once more: Thanks Rik!! Nice speakers you've got in your rooms now, I understand you don't need any headphones...

I basically came to listen to the Ed9. I found them quite comfortable. Tried them out of a Duet, no dedicated amp. I personally didn't bring a source or an amp, but it worked out fine.
My impression of the Ed9 was that it didn't really float my boat. Too much bass for me, too overpowering. Personally, I liked the DT880 better. Quite detailed, bass was nice and tidy.

Biggest surprise? I like the MSPro I brought best... It was a cheap meet for me, no purchases this time (bought something every meet I've been to, I think!)...

Next time, I'll bring the Zana!!
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It just looks great!
I hope I can make it to the next meet.
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Same here, will try to get to the next meet, even if I don't have any interesting gear to bring
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Thanks for the impressions and pics
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More should follow, where are the other pics?
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I could not make it unfortunately, too many family obligations.

The GOOD news is on Saturday morning my new RS-1's arrived with APS V3 cable installed.
So I had my own personal micro meet the rest of the weekend.
(My 77 year old mother who came over for a cup of tea on Sunday afternoon also thought they sounded nice. )

Next time I will be there.
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Yeah, a few more pictures and impressions would be nice!
Cause it sure looks like you guys and girl(s) had a blazing time.
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Just wonder how many people were there and where the hell are they with their impressions...
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Hey everyone, oh a pity the akg k701 wasnt there! I personally prefer that one to the dt880 its my favourite headphone in fact and I would love to try it with a tube amp, I should buy one and bring it to eindhoven, lol.
And yes, wine is great!
I hope there will be some stax in eindhoven, i have never tried electrostatics before (they need a different amp i guess) but I think i might REALLY like them.
Greetings, Anouk,
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My main reason to attend this meeting (apart from seeing some fellow headfiers again) was to hear Audio Technica ES7 and have a second go with Ultrasone Edition 9.
I’ve been using my PX200 for travel and in bed for some five years now and I concluded from reading this forum that ES7 might be a serious candidate.
I know a lot of people on this forum don’t like PX200 but when you can reach a good fit, they aren’t bad at all. In fact, for me the differences between these and ES7 are remarkably small! Don’t get me wrong. ES7 is sturdier and very beautiful, but considering these are over two times the price of PX200, they are no longer on my wish list. My mind is now set on HD25, because they go a bit deeper, have a bit more sparkle and isolate even better than PX200. Still a pity though there’re just ugly.
My second listen to Edition 9 was not that different from the first one, about a year ago. Sound wise, they rock! I must admit the bass is sometimes just too overwhelming, but if you’re into that, these are your cans. I also listened to 780 which have the same design and share most of the sound signature. I consider them a serious alternative for the very expensive Edition 9. Sadly they are both not for me, because they have a considerate amount of clamping force and they leave too little room for my ears. (draw your own conclusions).

Blackmore: if I remember correctly, there were 10 headfiers.
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