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Does phonoRCA cable size matter?

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I wasn't sure whether to post this in the cable forum, or here in science, but i think im looking for a more 'physical' answer than just a subjective 'will it sound different?' answer.

Anyways, the basic question is, does the size of RCA cable matter? The QED stuff i've got is about 8mm in diameter, and something cables ive got are 10mm. Is there going to be a negative effect if i were to use something with a much smaller AWG, like 20? Or would it only have an impact in certain applications?

So for example, would such a small cable be suitable to connect a TT to a phono stage due to the signal being of such a low level, but not suitable to connect a CD player to a pre amp?
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A larger cable diameter usually (not always) means more "dielectric" material which means less capacitance which is good, but other factors are involved.

A magnetic cartridge on a turntable (MM or MC) is a very demanding application because of the low signal level. Good shielding (foil and/or braid) is important but low capacitance is also a major factor.
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for single-ended line level interconnect with RCA phono patch cables the shield resistance should be as low as possible to reduce conducted EMI current interference with the signal:

"'Exotic cables will not stop noise. Expensive cables, even if double or triple shielded, made of 100% unobtainium, and hand woven by virgins will have no significant effect on hum or buzz. Only the resistance of the grounded conductor can make a difference.' If you have to use coax, Belden 8241F, with a low-resistance copper-braid shield, works well for audio and video."
Washington June AES - SMPTE.org

360 degree termination of the outer coax is also best practice - not common in cheaper cables
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