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Originally Posted by terriblepaulz View Post
I am always amused by the pretension (often earnestly expressed here) that a massive company like Apple is going to make a decision based on the opinions of the insignificantly small portion of the public that cares about sound quality. I know it sucks to be told that you don't matter, but guess what head-fi'ers, given the size of Apple's world-wide target market, you don't matter.
It's not only Apple who has that target market that isn't interested in high quality sound. There are many CD's now that contain poor recordings, some of them, piss poor.

Quality sound doesn't seem to be worth the time and effort for a huge market segment.

We too have to be careful about buying expensive headphones and equipment, then playing lousy recordings with them when cheaper equipment would have played those recordings just about the same.
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Originally Posted by RedSox View Post

I bought that whole iTunes complete Led Zeppelin maybe a year ago. I just got my Grado SR80s and noticed that it didn't sound so great. So I looked at the bitrate. 128kb/s. Thanks, Apple.

HOROR OF ****ing HORRORS.........oh my god man, that was a horrible idea. to desecrate the zep like that! god forgive you. man oh man. you can buy the used cd's off or secondspin or something and then you can come back to headfi and we can consider forgiving you

on the upside, itunes is getting rid of DRM and changing to 256kpbs (i think). a good move for the industry, going in the right direction away from ridiculous useless DRM, but i still won't be buying it more than the occasional "gotta have" song. used cd's are cheap; rip with EAC and you're happy snappy, and then you've got a hard copy

look for cd sales here on headfi. people unload them often
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Originally Posted by IceClass View Post
All my Led Zep CDs sound like crap too.
god have mercy on your hating soul
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agreed - sick mind
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