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Well, it seems the only known owner on headfi has disappeared. I am very intrigued by this amp, especially since it has a DAC. I am doing away with cds, my wife is tired of me leaving them around the house and lets face it, they just are not as user friendly as digital audio. So, for my bedroom system I am getting rid of my cd player and will need a either a dac or an amp/dac. I currently own the RSA P-51, SR71, and have a Minibox-E+ on the way. Neither of these can help me just use my computer as a source without the DAC. Anyway, I may be willing to step in and buy this amp, but for the good of the curious, If I bought this I would want to send it to one of the better amp reviewers in the forum to burn this in and post a detailed review on this amp.
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I'd ask headphone addict or skylab they are both very trusted in their reviews and are outstanding members of headfi IMHO im sure they'd be glade to lend a hand and you sir are awesome for taking one for the team. You get brownie points for doing that around here
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The only thing holding me back is I am wanting to finding out more about the headamp Pico stand alone DAC. People should be getting them soon. Heck I may just pull the trigger anyway, but yeah for sure I would want to get this thing reviewed by one of the resident experts.
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still no new news on this?
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I ended getting an Apogee Duet. Nevertheless, this amp certainly looks worthy of a trial from someone on headfi.
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I googled the microshar u109 for a review and found nothing? How can this amp not have been review anywhere by now??

Does anyone know of a decent review or even a thread where someone who has listened to the amp talks about it? WTF? cant believe no one has reviewed this amp given its specs...portable 'class A' amp that puts out 1.2w ??

If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it. Thanks
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