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Mikoss, it's nice to hear you enjoying your WA2............rockin'............and lots of rollin' :)


I just ordered a pair of Brimar EZ81s, NOS, made in England. I am currently running Brimar EZ80s. I am curious to hear the difference between the two. The Brimar EZ80s won the shootout I had with Brimar, EI, RFT, and Telefunken EZ80s. The Brimars had the clearest, most transparent and spacious sound. Paired with the CCA and 421A, they give the most open, detailed and huge presentation I can get on this amp.


I love that you can develop other pleasing qualities in the WA2 with other tube combinations. That is what is so great about tube rollin' with the WA2. If you ever get bored with how it sounds, get rollin'.


I will post my impressions of the Brimar EZ81, especially in comparison to the Brimar EZ80.