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Just so that we can have this in one place. Here are the ways to get support issues taken care of.

1) Email -
2) Phone - 800.525.5071
3) Forum - you can always PM us as well.

If you know it's a warranty or non-warranty repair it's best to just give us a call. That way we can get an RMA# for you.

If you know it's a fit issue, always go through the person you got them from. So for example, you got your ES Product from Bob's Hearing Clinic, call them to get it taken care of. This is actually quicker in the long run.

If you got your UM product from an online retailer and it's within the first 30 days, contact them. After the first 30 days, you are more than welcome to contact us directly.

Please understand that we have many "outlets" to contact us and we do our best to monitor them frequently. It maybe 24 hours before we can get back to you and if you PM over the weekend, it maybe Monday before we can.