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I also noticed that Yawa is all out of the C350 . I know that it's available for about $330 at several other places, so it's still possible to get a good deal. That was the lowest price I had found, though (for obvious reasons it seems).
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Anyone know how much those PSB alpha minis would set me back in Canadian $?
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FunkeHomosapien: since your room is only 15' x 15' and all speakers mentioned in this thread are very efficient, the Nad C350 would be way overkill. The C320 (or maybe even C300) is a lot cheaper and has more than enough power.
Other brands of amplifiers you might want to check out: Rotel, Cambridge Audio, Sony (QS).
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Please reply quickly

I can get a floor model Arcam Alpha One amp, NAD C540 CD player, B&W dm303 speakers, and nice cables for $900. Is this a good deal?
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That would be a very sweet starter system!

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do it man, do it!
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That would be better than a starter-system!
It's an excellent deal, go for it!
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Sounds like a nice deal to me, too. Nevertheless, I'm not sure about the quality of the headphone output. I'd assume, it's ok - good, but I haven't checked that, yet. I could ask a friend, though, who has one of the bigger arcams, whether he could check the jack on his unit, if that would be of any assistance...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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not to crash the party or anything, but keep in mind that the NAD C520 and C540 are extremely sensitive to less than perfect cds (scratched, dirty, many poorly done CDRs).

Arcam products are known to be smooth and relaxed as opposed to very clear and crisp. I think I personally aim for a NAD or Rotel amp. the B&W 303s are great speakers. I've found them to sound more controlled in the midrange than the more expensive 601s2.

the C540 is supposed to sound phenomenal, so it's up to you.

oh yeah, more power does not, i repeat, DOES NOT!!! only equal more volume. it will also bring better control and dynamics for most speakers. plus, you won't have to upgrade as soon. i'd spring for the 350. i have a 740 and i love it.
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Thanks for the quick responses. I will get it very soon

XXhalberstramXX: I have already tried the C540 with some cheap CDRs and they worked fine, and I like the smooth, relaxed sound of the Arcam. Also I am already waaaay overbudget so I can't get the 350.

Yes, Neruda, audio does suck, but those B&W Nautilus speakers sure sounded nice at the store
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and if the headphone jack doesn't appeal to you, I'd wait a while until your funds are back and then blow it all on a headphone amp .
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:D :D :D :D :D :D

Just got it and it destroys my old stereo out of the box. The headphone jack is pretty good also (40mW).

MacDEF: Thanks for the recommendation of the NAD system. If you did't tell me about it, I would never have found this one.

Is bass heavy music the best way to break in the speakers?
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No problem; sounds like you got a great system! Enjoy -- just don't forget about your headphones
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no, bass-heavy music is not required. Just play whatever music you would normally listen to, and they'll break in over time.
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