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FS/FT: Decware Zen Head

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I have decided to sell this, as much as I am in love with the sound of it paired with my Etys. However, most of my serious listening is done at home on a home rig, which is getting expensive, and I'm thinking that I might be able to live with a decent (ER4P without an amp) portable setup if it means the kind of home setup I would love, so I'm getting rid of this amp.

I'm the second owner, although that's in name only because the first owner barely touched the thing. It has already been to Decware and back to fix the well-known capacitance issue that was causing some distortion with my no-longer-with-me DT880s.

PM me if you think you might be interested - I'm asking $250 for it including shipping & PP fees, CONUS.

In terms of trades, I think I'd be interested in hearing the Grado 325i. Also potentially interested in a decent tube or hybrid amp (to go with K701s) + making up the cash difference. Let me know!



While taking pictures, I sadly noticed a scratch on the right side of the chassis, which you should be able to see in one of the pictures here.

Attachment 13525

Attachment 13526

Attachment 13527

Attachment 13528


I'm throwing in a case that I bought for carrying around this portable rig. It's a little big, but then again, so is the Zen Head. Very well padded and constructed, easily fits the amp, an iPod, some IEMs, and spare batteries. I will also throw in a rechargeable 9v battery with wall charger (not pictured).

Attachment 13563
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Bump for edit: this is officially up for sale
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And a bump for pics
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Bump for addition of carrying case, rechargeable batter + charger. This is officially a KILLER deal.
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Bump, with link now to potential combo HD650 deal.
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Bump. Willing to take some offers! If you have Etys, don't pass this one up.
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Price drop - $250
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interested here, PM sent!

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Hey man/woman.  Save face and just purchase from here:


Strange that you are posting on threads that are 1-3 years old!


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i really didnt look at the date.

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