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Is there any way to improve the bass on ATH AD700?

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I'm interested in getting some AD700s but I'm worried about the lack of bass. I'm a noob to amps or EQs or anything like that. I'm wondering if there is a cheap AMP or EQ i could buy to up the bass of the AD700s?
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You can play with the EQ on your music player. The "bass booster" option on iTunes sounds nice with them to my ears. Personally, though, I use them without any modifications, and love them. :^)
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I think a Fiio E3/E5 would be a nice, cheap solution to fixing the AD700's lack of bass. If adjusting EQ is an option for you, try boosting the 60HZ band a bit for more boom. Are you interested in a pair of AD700, Killosus? You've got a PM.
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Originally Posted by lon420 View Post
I think a Fiio E3/E5 would be a nice, cheap solution to fixing the AD700's lack of bass.
X2. The AD700s are much improved with the E5. I love this combination.
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An amp will improve the bass though not dramatically, but as cheap as the Fiio amps are, you might as well.

Side note: I never use EQ. Buy headphones that bring out the sound you like. You might consider a pair of Denon D1000s.
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I have the A700s and I would not describe them as bass-weak at all. Tight and controlled yes, but there is also force behind it. I would think they ADs would be analogous, but I could be wrong.
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ADs have less bass than the As. It probably has something to do with the fact that the As are closed while ADs are open.
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Hmm I'm really on the fence about this one. I don't want to drop the money on some headphones if it's going to lack bass. I would want my headphones to have it all. Is the jump in bass using say the Fiio E5 that significant?
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E5 boosts bass by 3dB, which is basically doubling in SPL (in measurement) or 1/3 increase in perceived volume (in actual hearing). You probably don't want anything more cause anything beyond +3dB tend to mud up the overall sound significantly.
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Get a good source. I find that using my AD700's from my computer with a generic Creative Audigy card, the bass is pretty weak, even with winamp EQ. When I play the exact same songs out of my iRiver H320 though, the bass is much thicker and much more defined.
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The source makes a difference. Amping makes a difference, with or without a separate amp. The bass boost of the E5 surely would help. The PA2V2 amp probably would help too. Will the bass of the AD700 satisfy listeners A, B, and C with set ups 1, 2, and 3? Depends. Maybe, maybe not. People have different expectations and preferences. Here's what could happen. The AD700 is bought, but the bass is found to be lacking. The chase begins for a better source and amp to make it sound more like the bass you want. Improvement is found; however bass nirvana is never obtained. I've held off on buying the AD500 or AD700 for one main reason; I like heavy hitting and powerful bass. Not the kind that mucks up the mids and not the kind that sounds like its coming from the trunk of a car. I just don't think the kind of bass that I like can come from the AD500 or AD700. Of course I haven't heard either with any source or amp, so I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Not bashing these headphones because I am sure either could be enjoyed very much with the right combination of equipment and the right kinds of music or uses.
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The Ad700s are great heaphones for the money and are definitely improved with the E5. So for around $110 you have an excellent combination. The AD700s produce a very controlled, tight, good sounding bass stock. But its not a lot of bass. The E5 adds bass presense and its not a muddy EQ like a lot of cheap EQs offer. Its the same tightness, just more of it. However, its not a "WOW!" difference.

If you love loud, hard hitting or impactful bass at all, look elsewhere. I love my AD700/E5 combo, but it doesn't sound like its for you.
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you need a proper headphones output to get bass...I hope you don't use some weak mp3 player/lineout soundcard output.

using OzoneMP might help too
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Havent tried E5 yet..but hopefully it shouldnt add the mild muddiness to mids as E3 does
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I haven't tried the E3, but I don't think the E5 colors the sound at all on its own. Click the bass boost and it only gives the bass an extra thump, but does it in a very controlled way. I don't think it adds any muddiness or noise whatsoever.
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