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By coincidence I heard from iBasso that they will have a desktop amp for sale this summer. Does anyone have more info regarding this?
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Talked to iBasso and they will release first info on the desktop amp in about two months..

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No info yet, anyone heard anything?

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Some info would be nice on the desktop amp.

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I e-mailed iBaso and the answer was sometime early next summer, 2011. They were busy on the portables.. :)

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Thanks for the information. (drooling...) beerchug.gif

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I guess they can be forgiven. We've gotten a lot of new toys from them recently to keep us busy.


Have any other companies gome from primarily a portable market into desktop? The only one that springs to mind right now is FiiO.

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Fiio and Ibasso are interesting, in the way they are not direct competitiors really. Fiio is a lot more budget oriented, Ibasso is performance oriented I guess you could say. Not that Fiio's products don't rock or ibasso does not make stuff for reasonable prices.

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I asked iBasso about the upcoming desktop amp and they said info will come in september.

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Originally Posted by trentino View Post

I asked iBasso about the upcoming desktop amp and they said info will come in september.

Oh so thats what the unusable desktop part is for on their website, this is interesting, hopefully they'll have something cheap for me atsmile.gif

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Yes, they have had that tab on their site for a few years now smily_headphones1.gif
I'm hoping for a nice big powerful usb desktop amp/dac with both se and balanced hp out, and a well placed gain switch.
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Nothing new since the tiny bit of info in iBassos "New product plan"...?

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Still nothing new right? Anyone heard anything?

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No news? iBasse seem very quiet lately overall.

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Yeah, they haven't put out anything new in a while... 

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