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I'm a steelcase leap person. Much better then the Aeron imo
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I use My AK Octane PC Gaming Chair. It's the only chair in My Master Bedroom, so not many options but works just fine. Good Luck.
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An Ikea POÄNG might be what you're looking for. I bought one with a footstool to use for reading and headphone listening and find it supremely comfortable. It's also quite a bit cheaper than some of the other recommendations in this thread.
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I knew I could always count on head-fiers for quality feedback a few more thoughts:

when it comes to headphones and related items, I ALWAYS START HERE (and I did do a search on this topic and unfortunatley couldn't find anything...)

computer chair: I am <sort of> in the market for one...I hear the Steelcase Think is amazing. anyone tried it?

the "perfect chair" looks *AMAZING* wow I would certainly like to try it out first...I wonder if they have a good return policy?
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The Perfect Chair ........... is perfect!  smile_phones.gif  (new owner)  


Headphone bliss because the pillow is small and neck-area type ... no interference with 'phone vents--or it's not used and that feels great too.


Eames Lounge and Ottoman very nice too ... nicer, but really in a different league of chair.  Bliss too, in a 50s way.

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For those on a budget: Ikea Pello.


Its very comfortable, has a slight springy, rocking feel to it. Perfect for headphone listening, and sleeping if you get too relaxed.

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I noticed there is a lot of knock off herman miller eames lounge chair. How do they compare to the real thing?
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Does a zabuton zaisu combo count as a chair? I find it very comfortable. :)

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I love this chair :)
And so does my camouflage-cat...

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at the moment I am sitting on the floor right in front of my listening equipement.


But I am dreaming of a Le Corbusier LC4

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Originally Posted by Tom Yum Goong View Post



I love this chair :)
And so does my camouflage-cat...

Sorry to bring this very old topic up, but i'm currently in the middle of building my "listening corner" I would be having 13" Asus ultrabook, HD800S and decent AMP/DAC combo. Small tables on the left and right for my equipment. 


I am thinking about this chair from Ikea. Is it comfortable in the longer periods of time? Or should i look for Poäng- lineup for more "lean pack" sitting position?  And ofcourse, i would be getting footrest to match with the chair.


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This looks interesting !

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Originally Posted by yashicaman View Post

Check out the chairs at IKEA. 


Good call! I have this inexpensive Ikea chair:




which I bought while rejigging my computer ergonomics- I needed one with a decent maximum height, that wasn't falling to bits. It has a decent spring-loaded slight recline, comfy with your feet up and full-sized headphones on, and is also sensible for sitting up like an adult at a desk, doing computer stuff. I'm 6 ft 2, so wanted a decent back height and head rest, to avoid the feel of economy airline seats where the headrest just pokes me between the shoulders.


It's far better than the price would suggest, I was very pleasantly surprised. Worth a look!

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My wife bought a chair called "Flash Furniture BT-7821-PALIMINO-GG Contemporary Palimino LeatherSoft Upholstery Recliner/Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base" at Amazon(dot)com. Was only here a week before I claimed it and put it in the office, lol. It's that comfortable. I'd post a link but I'm not able to yet.

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I also use a PC gaming chair to listen to audio in. Not as comfortable as some of the other options listed here, but my DXRacer reclines backwards and so it works half-way decently.

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