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Chair / Seat for headphone listening

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Hi all!

I'm curious if anyone has a recommendation for a chair and possibly a chair/ottoman combination that works great for serious listening sessions (and catnaps...haha). I'm looking for something that allows the headphones (I have a pair of HD 650s) to sit properly and comfortably on my head without a high potential to damage the phones. Also, of course, I'd like the solution to provide my body the support it requires during long listening adventures (and catnaps...haha).

Thanks in advance for any feedback / suggestions!

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<= Curious: why do people ask for inexpensive furniture advice on the internet? Wouldn't it be better to go to your local furniture store and try sitting on them with your cat/headphones? That would be a far more effective shopping tactic than to ask for advice on a piece of equipment whose comfort will greatly depend on the person using it.

edit: Nevermind, people can't decide for themselves what feels good on their own rear, so they need peer encouragement.
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If you search in the member's Lounge forum there were extensive discussions about chairs a while back with many suggestions and links. One thing I found is that you should have an idea what you would like to test drive before going to a store as many do not carry an extensive collection and you may need to do some searching before wasting your time driving from store to store.
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Do to my hectic life I do most of my listening while I use the computer. So I have an inexpensive office type chair.

Not very comfy but cheap!
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Someday I will have a HERMAN MILLER AERON that is the most comfortable computer chair i've set in.
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I have enjoyed my Aeron more than just about any other piece of furniture I've ever owned.
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Originally Posted by Kilane View Post
I have enjoyed my Aeron more than just about any other piece of furniture I've ever owned.
Same here, but to me its more of a computer chair than an ideal kicking back and taking a nap chair.
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i use LA-Z-Boy Avenger Recliner.... so comfty... i always fell asleep white listening to my music.
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Check out the chairs at IKEA. Check out the Lazy Boy recliners and other such beasts. For many years I've listened in a leather recliner (still have it in the tv room). If you are really on a budget, check out the used furniture stores. I once found a unique chair at a Sally Ann (Salvation Army) store when I was in grad school and I still have it in my office. I paid 15 bucks for it. Check out the Best Buy furniture stores--bargains may be found there.

Good luck in your quest.
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The Eames is considered a piece of art as well as an incredible listening chair. If within your budget and to your taste there may not be a better chair for the job.

I personally use the Ekornes Stressless Recliner Stressless® recliners :: Ekornes. Several styles to choose from, all will take you into dreamland without a problem and good for your listening pleasure as well.
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Take a trip to the LaZboy showroom, there will be a comfy chair there!

If you have $3k to drop on a chair though, then get the Eames Lounge, no questions. Even if you don't like sitting in it, you can appreciate it for its design.
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I'd go with an Eames chair myself. Eventually - I have nowhere to put one right now.

A less expensive option is to visit the local antique malls and junk shops. Often, the furniture there is less expensive than the average mid-line furniture store. It's usually made of much better materials that usually aren't available unless you go into four figure custom work. Further, antiques hold their value and appreciate. And you can bargain with the sellers, too. Compliment the item and get them talking. Ask where it came from, if they know who made it, etc. Every piece has a story. Talk for a bit longer then ask if they can do any better. You'll usually get 10%-15% off on the spot and can negotiate further.

Look for old Craftsman/Mission style rockers (very comfy), leather wingbacks, club chairs, maybe even a chaise lounge. But take your cans and an iPod along and try them out. You never know, there might be some 19th century Eastlake chair that catches your eye, is comfy and the owner will drive it over to your place for $250, no tax. Antiques are the best deal in town.

And if you hit the junk/antique shops, keep an eye out for tube gear and old records, too.
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