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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi? - Page 45

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Grado 60s and Hifiman RE0.  First taste of what music *could* sound like.

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d2000 :)

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I had Grado sr225i and Shure SE315.


Since joining head-fi i bought Sr-80i, Beyer Dt770, akg Q701, Senn HD650, and beyer T1's

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The first purchase which I kept and did not return (some even unopened) FitEar ToGo 334.

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Hmm... Before I joined I was using an Audio Technica A900... I still love it. So comfy!


After I joined... Shure E530's. Since then... my poor wallet... 

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After a period of indecision I bought  Denon Ah-D2000's, Senn HD600, Matrix M-Stage and a pair of Senn HD429 to replace some very cheap Sony's for when I'm in situations where I don't want to use expensive phones.


I love the HD600's, but not sure about the Denon's, which I may sell soon.


This Head-Fi stuff is a disease that never stops. Despite having some of the best headphones in the world (I also have AKG K701, Sony MDR-V6 and Sony MDR-Z1000 (which I also may sell), I still want to hear more 'phones and amps. Never satisfied I guess. 

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Before joining head-fi , I collected some earbuds & IEMs and the last one bought (and the most expensive) was a Sennheiser CX-200...


After joining I bought a ATH M-50, a huge jump in price but was not dissapointed at all.

Also thanks head-fi, for putting a huge gaping hole in my wallet!

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It's several £100s of pounds ago now, but the first pair I bought after regularly reading the forum was my Alessandro MS1i ... first after joining was probably my D2Ks I think.

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I got my HD518' about a month before I met HeadFi, after that, I got my SR80i's. It seems like a lot of people met Grado by meeting HeadFi.
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The good ol' ATH-M50s. I used them for a couple years and have gone on an upgrade spree over the past year trying to figure out exactly what I like in a sound signature. Finally settled on the GR07 BE and DT770. Thanks for all the reviews head-fi-ers

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Grado sr 80.  Then bought the Philips x1. Love them both.

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I got Sennheiser HD 238s, then a Fiio E7 dac/amp to make the output of my ipad better. Then I moved to HD558s then an Aune T1 hybrid dac/amp (with various tubes, currently Amperex JAN 7308). I knew nothing about headphones (or high fi!) now I'm thinking about HD 650s. This site is dangerous!
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I got the denon D2000 and D7000 wooden cups which i used to mod my D2000's with

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AKG240 60 something ohm
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bought an M50 before visiting this forum and since I started lurking here I bought an AD700, Dt770 and a ws55... I'm sorry wallet
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