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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi? - Page 44

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Sennheiser HD 201

One month later, HD555 & Shure SRH 840

One year later, Sennheiser HD 650.

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From Sennheiser 300CX....than with the help of headfi...Meelec M6. Not so great.

M2 better...Qjays best.

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A very very short while ago, I purchased the Sennheiser Amperior headphones which were my first headphones I ordered after checking out head fi. I've since tried 6 headphones, and I've only decided I wanted to keep 1, and the other ones I'm either unsure whether I want to keep or not, returned or selling, like the AKG K240, Grado sr80i, Sony V6, or Sennheiser Momentum. I did test out the Hifiman he-400 very briefly but decided I didn't want a headphone for stationary use. So I guess I could say that the Sennheiser hd 558 is my favorite headphone I've had so far (it's just hooked up to the headphone jack of my computer) because it's probably the most useful, even though I don't use it very much.

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First headphone after coming to head-fi was the Audio Technica ATH AD700. They are still my favorite next to the Ultrasone HFI-780 I picked up a few weeks ago. It I didn't live in a noisy environment I would wear them all the time. Before coming here I was pretty much a speaker guy not having used headphones since 1996 when my Koss Pro 4AA of twenty years fell apart and even then I didn't use them like I did speakers. After this it was occasional use of a pair of Koss UR40's I still have. Finally in 2006 I ended up in a really noisy environment with almost constant street noise outside due to street construction and a train station getting some major repairs. That's when I started looking into headphones again but kept on running into junk that broke in two weeks time. I finally gave up and just played my speakers loud to block out the construction noise. In 2007 I was fortunate enough to move back into a quieter setting but ended up with a dementia rattled always complaining about the slightest noise elderly neighbor who was the real noise maker slamming doors at 2 and 4 in the morning as well as the evening hours. So it was back to hunting for headphones and this time I was lucky enough to find these forums and start enjoying my audio pleasures again without guilt. Unfortunately as is the case in these situations the crazy elderly neighbor kept on with the craziness even with three months of me only using headphones so I finally stopped trying to appease the unappeasable and did my own thing. Damned if I do damned if I don't so screw them. Funny thing is when I took this approach the elderly neighbor ended up "moving away" and now I have a neighbor who enjoys their music just as louder or louder then I do. To say they least it is sweet to finally be back in a normal environment instead of a too quiet as a graveyard setting.

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First headphone purchase after coming to head-fi was Koss DJ 100/TBSE following tdockweller's recommendation.

A month and a half later, I obtained an LFF's Paradox. I can see where this will spiral down to. :s

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First was Denon d2000,  Audio Technica ATH AD700, Grado sr80i, Koss TBSE1, Koss portapro, beyerdynamic dt 990 pro, AKG 721mkII, Etymotic HF5, superlux 681

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Alessandro MS1

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First were the audio technica ath m50, then ultrasone hfi 2400, then sennheiser hd 380 pro, then ultrasone hfi 580, then ultrasone pro 900, and then my current headphones, the beyerdynamic dt990 pro.
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Grado SR-80i.

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Sony XB500

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Lurking: SR80i
Joining: AKG K167
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While Lurking: SE535(sold), SRH940

After Joining: HD598(For trade: look at my sig), DT1350(For trade: look at my sig), X20(sold), UERM, H-200(For trade: look at my sig), Sony V6(bought from a head-fier).

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Started with Koss TBSE1, then bought Alessandro MS1, then some Fischer Audio Fa011 & Fa006.

Nothing on the radar for a while, maybe an amp upgrade next.

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1.  Audio Technica ATH-A700


2. Grado 325i


3. JVC FX40


4. HiFiMAN  RE-400


5. Grado SR 60i


6. Grado PS500.....hoping this will be my next purchase

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Someone should try adding the price of all the headphones mentioned in this tread. Head-fi has an enormous buying power.

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