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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi? - Page 43

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I bought AKG Q701 in white. I originally came to find a closed headphone that sounded very similar to my Shure SCL4's. But changed my mind, and wanted an open soundstage. Glad I came here and found them, I love 'em!

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Westone 3's.... they were sold a month later.


Then I went all out on a pair of RS1i's never looked back!


(Already had hd650's before I joined)

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I bought Ultimate ears 700 and radius HP TWF11, I think. UE700 sent back, radius are in use,still...

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Turbine Pro Coppers and I already know sometime in the future I'll be going down the RS 2/1 line

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went from bass boost sony in ear buds to a pair of Sennheiser HD 595's and a pair of Alessandro MS 1i's after about 2 months here ... Oh well :)

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First week: Koss Porta Pros

2nd Month: Audio Technica ATH-M50s

5th Month: Alessandros MS-1i


Pending: Beyerdynamic DT range. Not sure which yet.




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Beyerdynamic DT770 - 32 ohm version

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If we're talking when I was just a lurker, that would be the Audio-Technica ATH-AD700. I wanted a good, comfortable headphone for gaming that synergized with CMSS-3D Headphone, and those delivered.


If it's only after I formally joined and started posted, then it's unquestionably my current Stax Lambda system. In fact, I bought it on the B/S/T section here, and even though it cost me $250 (which is actually affordable by Stax standards, and I had an old receiver lying around to drive the included transformer box), my ears don't regret it one bit, even if my bank account does. In fact, ever since I got them, I really started to want to listen to music, moreso than the AD700s ever did.


Then I had to investigate that Panasonic RP-HTF600 hype for myself. Hey, it was only $30-35, so why not?


I think I'll be fine for now regarding headphones, but if the Lambda fails, then my wallet is going to really hurt...I have to have that atmospheric delivery that only Stax has delivered so far! (Maybe the Koss ESP/950 and Sennheiser Orpheus can deliver too, but when it comes to electrostatics, there aren't too many options beyond Stax.)

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I bought a Sennheiser PX 100 on a recommendation to replace ear buds. That lead me here and Grado Prestige Series SR-60i were my first.

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first headphone- was Sennheiser 598 around Dec.
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RE0s and I still have them. The first full size? DT880/250
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Shure SRH840's
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I was a long time lurker before joining, (already owned the HD-25 I II) but after joining i bought my ATH-A900's.  

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AD900/E7 were my first...I bought one of the Beyer DTX line a little before joining.

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GMP 8.35. Might have even joined after I bought them but totally bought them thanks to lurking on HF. And boy am I glad I did. If not for the German Maestros' appreciation thread, I'd probably pull the trigger on the dreaded K 550 rolleyes.gif

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