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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi? - Page 41

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HeadPhile woodied HD650 then shortly after sold them and bought L3000
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hfi-780 and cmoy amp.

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Before I came to headfi Grado RS2 & Sennheiser PCX450, after Ultrasone Edition 8 and also thinking about the Audeze 2's
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Head-fi influenced me to get all of these at the same time: Alessandro MS1, bowl pads, 2 sets of the yellow Senn HD414 pads, an iBasso T2 amp, and an iPod LOD smile.gif Ah the memories

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In chronological order:

Grado 225i (for work)
IBasso d1 - used from head-fier (for work)
Audeze LCDII (for home)

Now looking for something to drive the Audeze...

Prev phones: old pair of sennheisers, Bose tri-port, dre solo. All unlistenable to me now.
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I bought a FiiO E7 and then an Audio-GD Fun after joining Head-Fi. First headphone purchase after that was the M50 (got sucked into the hype) and subsequently the HD650. The HD650 was an impulse buy and against the grain, as support for it had/has really waned. Best decision ever.

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I already had a K240 before H-fi, Which is why I wanted to stick with AKG and got me some K701's and a NFB-12 to support it.


No regrets.k701smile.gif

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An Hifiman he-6 with an ef-5 amp. 

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DT 770 Pro 80ohms & Fiio7

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I found this site when i was looking for info on good headphones. I had heard about Grado and Sennheiser, but I was looking for more options, and I got them.


I figured out that those brands I mentioned probably weren't the best suited for my musical tastes. Finally ended up getting Denon AH-D1100.


I joined the forum after I got them, and I wrote a small review on them.


I will probably end up moving up in the Denon line, but the D1100 haven't disappointed me yet.



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Originally Posted by Alarickc View Post

An Hifiman he-6 with an ef-5 amp. 

well, that was a grand start.
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I just got my M50s and couldn't be more thrilled.

Thanks a lot, Head-Fi.

Most money and the best money I've ever spent at once.


Before I came here, I had my HD201s that I got for Christmas, then I bought the HD428s.

Needless to say this is my first purchase since I've joined Head-Fi. (and it's my only purchase for awhile; my parents didn't enjoy hearing that I had spent $136 on headphones <<;).


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Googled "Best headphones 2010", up came the M50s, did a little research and had good reviews. The alternatives were the SRH840s, but people said they were too boring and slided pretty easily from the head. The other ones were the AD700, but they didn't offer enough bass for my taste.


So I got the M50's, no regret at all, I love them. Perhaps too much clamp but it ensures good isolation so that's OK.


Recently got the Image X10 for the office, as much as I like them I preffer using the M50s :)


Going for an E7/E9 DAC AMP combo and Beyer DT990 600 ohms for my first open cans. 


I don't consider myself a basshead, as you may think, but I find LACK of bass to be really annoying, which was one of the reasons I chose the M50s over the AD700... and why I'll get the 990s instead of the K702s...

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Alessandro ms1. Personally I still think its a better buy than the m50 and other headphones ive listened to in the same price range.

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Originally Posted by dilpal View Post

well, that was a grand start.

I've always been of the mind that if you know you're going to go for the top eventually, you might as well start there. Unfortunately I'm really hooked now; I've gotten my parents to agree to getting me a SR-009 & BHSE in around five years instead of a car or down-payment on house. rolleyes.gif

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