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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi? - Page 39

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Sennheiser HD595s.  They're now my wife's favorite phones and she uses them far more than I do, but I find it amusing to note how many other phones I've bought and sold in the course of time I've been around Head-Fi; but I still have those. my first.  :)  

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Grado SR125i was the first. I figured it would be the only one for awhile. Deals on others just keep making me want more. I've managed to only pull the trigger on one of those deals this far though. I'll consider that a good thing.
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Decided I wanted some serious headphones.

Ended up going with the the ATH-A700's. Do not regret it in the least. Easily one of my favorite headphones.

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Head-fi is so helpful to me, i built my whole system at here. Thanks again to all the people who are being patient to all my annoying question. Before I came here I had HD555/595 -> HD650/ Xenor sound card and Little dot

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Originally Posted by Ishcabible View Post

I lurked the site for about a year, and the only reason I originally joined was to buy an ortho. I even sold my A500 to buy a PMB100, but couldn't buy it after the idea was shot down by my mom who didn't think I needed more than two headphones. I think the first headphone I bought because of Head-Fi was the Audio Technica A500, and the first one I bought after joining was the KSC75 after I saw that Ratshack was selling them for $5. Then a one year hiatus, then I bought 4 headphones (RP50, ATH-2, DT48, and Technician VFR) within a week...

4000 posts in 2 years?


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SR-80 and a Total Airhead.
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TF10s or RE0s, I don't quite remember which I got first
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Alessandro MS2i.

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Well, I bought my Sennheiser HD580's over 10 years ago. Still use them.


Got a Vivid V1 Tech DAC/AMP (used) after joining Head-Fi based on a great set of portable amp reviews and I'm very happy with it's performance.

Headphone wise, my Ultrasone Pro 900's. They're magical. Because after joining here, I found out I'm referred to as a basshead by others. beyersmile.png


Very best,

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Grado SR60i.

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AKG K141 mk. II

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Them overhyped M50s. Never regretted the purchase; it'll remain as my "to-go" headphones until the day it dies.

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I found Head-Fi after buying a pair of K701 and sold them soon after for a pair of Grado 225i

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Very cool, this thread was started in 2003, resuscitated in 2006 and then again yesterday. After joining Head-Fi my first phones were Grado SR-80. Sometimes I with I still had them.

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Sennheiser HD 555s, at the time they were unlike anything I'd heard before.

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