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What was your first headphone purchase after coming to Head-Fi? - Page 3

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I bought two headphones as well....got some KSC-50 and then the 66 eggos.
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Pre head-fi: KSC50, SportaPro, SR225
Post head-fi: KSC35, CD3000, D66, ER6
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ety er6.
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ATH-W100 very recently. I would never have known about these otherwise. Also, I purchased my Ety ER4s canalphones solely due to the rave reviews that I read on headwize a year or two ago.

I had an HD-600 long before I discovered head-fi and even before headwize I think, but I am a long time Sennheiser fan starting in the early 90s with my first $200+ headphone. I was also a porta-pro/sporta-pro/ksc-35 fan long before I discovered any headphone sites on the internet. My very first non-stock headphone was a Sony MDR-V6 in the mid to late 80s. I paired that puppy with my Sony D-10 PCDP and took it everywhere.
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had my trusty 7506's since i was in high school. then last year my bro told me to read the stuff here and i bought the hd600's and a MG Head. the mg head was a mistake (the one i have now works great... but took more than one year of hassles to get it)... but those hd600's sure sound good.
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had er4p's before coming to head-fi
first i needed excercise headphones.. sportapros
then i needed full size comfortable closed headphones... dt770's
i think i'm okay with headphones.. sometime in the future i'll get a top of the line closed (w2002 or cd3000) but i really need a good home amp and a good source



yeah.. some people don't agree that cd3k are closed.. i just care about sound leakage
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Senn's PMX-60
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Actually, I bought the Sennheiser HD600s and the Cardas replacement cable PRIOR to registering at Head-Fi. Guess that makes me different, no? Later, I sold them for the Grado RS-1s. No looking back...
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Don't Want To Recall The Madness

I chose the path of least resistance...

Pre Head-Fi (In order of acquisition):

Marantz CD-63
Sony MDR-7506
Grado SR-60
Sennheiser HD-580
Creek OBH-11
AudioQuest Copperhead IC

Post Head-Fi:

Senn Pads for Grado SR-60
Beyer Pads for Sony MDR-7506
Cardas Cable for Sennheiser HD-580
OBH-2 PS for Creek OBH-11
Zu Cable Pivot Mini->RCA
HeadRoom Maxed Out Home
Cardas Neutral Reference IC

Future Acquisitions...er Auditions:

AKG K1000
Audio Technica ATH-W2002
Beyerdynamic DT880
Etymotic ER-4S
Grado RS-1 or MS-Pro
Grado HP-1 or HP-2
Sony MDR-CD3000
Sony MDR-R10
Sennheiser HD-600 or HD-650
Sennheiser Orpheus
Srax Omega II

Audio Valve RKV MkII
Berning MicroZOTL
Emmeline HR-2
Grace 901
HeadRoom Max/BlockHead

Linn Sondek CD-12
Mark Levinson No. 39
Other great CDPs
The World of Analog

I was already a bit "out there" regarding audio; this place simply immersed me into a world with other audio loons (many far more eccentric than I could have imagined)!
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My first purcase after joining was the Cardas replacement cable. That was great but I stopped upgrading for a while. But Koji is shipping my Omega II's today...
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HD600, I am still missing it!!! And looking forward HD650!!!
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Pre-Headfi - Grado SR-60.

I think after a week, a high end meta. Then maybe the next week, some SignalCable IC's. Then maybe 2 weeks later the Xfeed. Then some Zu Cable IC's. Then the SR-225's. All within a 2 month period I think. Oh yeah, and then the iRiver IMP-550. Which reminds me, time to update the profile!!


P.S. My wallet hates you all. I don't though..
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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250 Ohm), in July 2001. Audio Technica ATH-W100, January 2002. No new headphones since then. But I have bought power cords, interconnects, NOS tubes, a mains block, a CDP, a demagnetizer, a second headphone amp. One has to keep oneself happy, right?
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