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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
I think this is the kind of statement that creates so many arguments surrounding the K701. So often I read people say these same things, like if you don't like the 701, "you just don't understand", "you don't know how to listen to it", etc.
RD, it wasnt aimed at the 70* cans specifically, but at all the 'reference' headphones that folk (myself included) are attracted to simply because we are under the illusion that 'it must be good if recording engineers use it !'. Thats not necessarily the case - anyway, an audition is the only way to really know if you are going to like the sound of a particular headphone. The sticker might just help in assembling the shortlist of what to audition.
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I have had my set of AKG 702's for about 3 weeks now with about 6-7 hours on them.


I am driving them with the output of a AVA Insight + Preamp which in turn in being sourced by ESS Sabre DACS in an Oppo BD83SE CD/DVD/BluRay player. Its the version that has the upgraded analog section.


Fist impressions are wonderful. Tonality, Timbre, Accuracy, Fast, Soundstage to die for....just absolutely marvelous.


The Preamp driving these have no problem at all, the bass is wonderful, accurate and NOT BOOMY at all. Bass violins sound like Bass violins, strings are so sweet.


Fanfare for Modern Man, the Tympani sound like Tympani!! Its uncanny realistic.


Just got done with a 2 hr listening session with the 702s on the Insight+ pre-amp, tried them on an Onkyo SR 805 AVR and a PC with a soundcard. The soundcard had a difficult driving them loud the AVR was VERY loud if needed, the Insight + will BLOW this out if not careful....ablsoutley STUNNING performance...the sound is so OMG nice, accurate, tight etc...u can crawl around in the music and hear the room sounds, recordings are easily picked apart good and bad.

 Such detail and the tonality of instruments and voices. Norah Jones, Ray Charles, Nils Lofgren, Jennifer Warrens, The Blue Man Group....its really a wonderful marraige between thes cans and the preamp in the Insight +. Even Joe Satriani's Rubina is freaking awesome.


If these get any better over time, this will be the icing on the cake..my poor old audio technica ath50's are now my pc game headset!! Really nice but BOOMY as all get out...


All the best



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Its been awhile since I sold my K702 but I am curious to compare it to my current favorite the K500.  

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Originally Posted by tdogzthmn View Post

Its been awhile since I sold my K702 but I am curious to compare it to my current favorite the K500.  

I'm curios too...popcorn.gif

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I think that if people say the AKG 702s sound "cold" or "boring/analytical"  they haven't paired it with the right amp and they haven't put enough hours of burn in on those phones.  Yes they are detailed.  Yes they are precise.  But cold?  It doesn't sound cold to me, I'm using a Burson HA-160D to power mine and they sound wonderful together!  An aftermarket cable usually does nice things to the sound as well because the stock cable is definitely NOT a high fidelity cable.  I would try a new cable before selling the 702s.  give em a chance! they need time, a proper amp, and ideally a new OCC copper or silver cable.  The 702s need like 250 hours to burn in.  They will smooth out, and start to sound really good, but again, they need a powerful amp, and time.  

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