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Brand new owner of the ATH-AD700's. Soon to be anyways. Just ordered on Amazon with a $20 giftcard I had so only $70.


I look forward to listening to these bad boys once they arrive!


First Post!!!

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This was the first "high-end" headphones I bought.... at first I didn't really appreciate them.  But after buying more headphones and iems... I truly appreciate the soundstage these have.  There is nothing better to listen to acoustic guitars than the AD700's.  Rodrigo y Gabriela on  FLAC with this is purely heaven!

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the cons i have with these headphone is that my ear touches the drivers and for prolong period, it gets pain for my ear, and my ear does get hot and stuffy, thanks to the earpads i think.


but when I am gaming with them, all of these problems are ignored totally lol, until the games ends, so yes, luckily lol.

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Yes! My friend let me borrow them for a weekend and I love them!  I researched them later and was surprised at how "inexpensive" they were for the sound that I received.

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These are really one of the top choices under $100 for jazz and gaming. Despite their well-documented "lack" of bass, I actually like their taut and non-flabby low end. The only time they falter is on rock and metal, where they sound too polite and lack any threat factor.

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I'm going to buy these as soon as I get the money together because I listen mainly to jazz and might try some gaming with them. My only question is, are there any mods or amps or anything that can be paired with these 'phones that effectively raise the level of bass with out losing the quality that the 'phones are regarded for?

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Think im going to head over to AD900's soon. Im tired of the right ear going out when I play anything with heavy bass. They have served me well though.

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Wouldn't that result from the crossfeed wire being damaged?

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I've been using the AD700 for a few years now after reading all the recommendations from this site and they have yet to disappoint me for any use. The comfort of these cans are just phenomenal, I can literally wear them all day while doing projects and not have any fatigue. I'm not a bass head so the sound suits me perfectly.

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Hey guys, my girlfriends daughter has a pet bunny and it like to chew things(which bunny doesn't?), well, of course it chewed through my AD700's cord is there a cheap way to fix this? Can I buy another cord that exceeds the quality of the stock one and is it easy to replace? Thanks for any help




* - yes I'm gonna make bunny soup and lucky rabbits feet

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That sucks hard.  Reterminate it, but if that would leave the cord too short, then a recable with Mogami wire or something.  Ask/check the DIY forums.

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I got a pair of AD700's from the FS forum here, waiting for them to arrive in the mail.


Quick question though: I don't want to use them with my onboard laptop sound. I found a zero dac I can get used for $150, or I have an old JVC RX5022V receiver in the basement. Would the zero warrant the $150 over the old receiver to bypass onboard laptop sound? 


Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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The specs for that receiver don't look that great, a Zero may be a little bit better choice.  Give the receiver a try first if you can.

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Uhm, not to stomp on this thread....but how do the HD555's sound compared to these?

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If we are talking music,


The HD555 has more bass than the AD700 since the AD700 is bass light. The highs on the AD700 is more pronounced, and it sticks out from the rest of the sound at times. The HD555 highs are more blended in with the rest of the sound. The midrange separation is better than the AD700, the HD555 is clearer to me in the midrange area. To my ears, the AD700 midrange sounds more recessed than the HD555. The soundstage on the AD700 is noticeable wider than the HD555, it simply makes me feel surrounded which is neat. Soundstage depth is a little deeper on the AD700 but by much comparing with the HD555. AD700 has some sibilance issues for me, the HD555 does not.

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