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Do you guys think it is necessary for me to buy AD700 ASAP since they are sold for much less than the MSRP?


Is the sale/discount continuing on in your opinions?

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amazon.com is always selling for like $89.... $86.59 at the moment.

No rush to buy its the standard price.

Just be sure its the headphone you really want.






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It's always been sub $80 for years. I have no idea why they still claim $250 MSRP.

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Originally Posted by loveholic View Post

It's always been sub $80 for years. I have no idea why they still claim $250 MSRP.

Heh you do have a point.

It would be like amazon.com selling Playstation 3 $299 but it says MSRP $599


But anyways its Audio Technica they just have these really HIGH msrp listings W5000 is $1669 but its sold for like $699.

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Are the AD700s ok when paired up with a Creative SoundBlaster Audigy SE?


Here it is in all its pride:



Ive already owned it for a year. Used it with 10$ in-ear headphones, but of course it sounded bleh. My current headphones are USB Logitech G35s, so it pretty much went idle.

I dont have the intention to use surround sound speakers, I just needed something better than onboard.

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Should be fine.


You can't go for a Xonar? It's just a little bit more and I read they're better.




Unless you're going to be gaming, but then you would probably have to go for an X-Fi Xtremegamer as the Audigy doesn't have any special software for gaming. It's ~$48 off of ebay for an OEM card with additional optical input and output unlike the retail version.

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Stretch to the Xonar STX

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I think ill go with Link 2's longer PCI version.


It still has a mic port and a headphone port...

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Hey guys, Im looking for a headphone for MUSIC only. I have come to AD 500, AD 700 & HD 555. Which one do u all recommend? And yeah, I know most of you all would recommend AD 700 but could you explain why. Thanks. :)

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and you ask that in the AD700 thread. AD700 does especially well with strings, vocals, and classical in general. Bass has quick enough decay for speedy stuff to an extent. Midrange's warmth is nice with brass.

Treble is a bit metallic sometimes. Midrange warmth sometimes makes some vocals and things sound kind of natural. It is a good all-rounder. It could definitely use more bass presence, better layering as well. I'd experiment with a little modding, but one of the screws on each side of my pair is messed up so I can't open the cups. AD500 is bassier, I think, and less resolving.


Edit: I should mention how grainy the sound is. AD700 could also use more transparency. It has a real nice effortless sound, music flows out of the drivers like water. Have you read up on Alessandro MS1?

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haha. I am already getting some STRONG opinions in my current thread so this thread would be more enlightening. Yeah I did check out MS-1 but I want comfortable circumaural so they wont fit me. And do u know how much the mod parts cost? espically the gold and purple thing. I think they look terrible.

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Never tried it. I meant playing with Dynamat and cotton felt and fiber.

You one of those from the HD555 vs. AD700 thread(s)? Damn fanatics/trolls.

You'll love AD700's detail with well recorded lossless music and the like.

I haven't used them in a good while since picking up ATH-A2000X.

Hopefully the others here will add to the description.


Edit: Say, if you think you won't mind the Sennheiser sound, try hard to skip to HD600/650 if you can.

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I think the ad700 paired with a Cmoy bb 2.02 is win, the lows are enhanced a lot and can get pretty deep at times.  


I do have a question though.  If I did remove the pad from just under the grills, would the bass likely increase or decrease, and what are the chances the highs would get too harsh?


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Bass won't be affected, but the treble may get a bit too harsh.  There's a mod about it, uses fiberloft and dynamat for a nice enhancement.  I'd try it but there's a messed up screw on each side of the headphone that prevents me from opening up the headphone cups completely.


Meh.  The sound is tighter without that huge foam pad behind the grills. That much I could do.

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Thanks max


I was looking at that mod you mentioned, I don't know if all that is necessary though, there must be other ways to tone down the treble without touching the drivers.  Im sure i can come up with something, perhaps a different foam/tape mod on the backside of the grills

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