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Well, I've had these guys for awhile and they've done me well. Now that I'm probably over 200 hours in, I have to say that either these don't benefit much from burn in or I am not good at noticing it. Maybe the bass got more well rounded and punchy(only a bit) and the highs aren't as harsh so to say but they really don't sound too much different from when I got the suckers. Still an awesome can and I hope they sound even better when I get my first amp.
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I noticed mine mellowed out a bit after 120 hrs., more or less, and nothing more after that. They don't seem to change much, if at all, and don't benefit too much from amping. They do scale with better equipment to a noticeable degree, so one should go for the better sounding/better synergizing gear and not necessarily whatever pumps out the most terrawatts on a 32-ohm load, lol. Out of the Compass, I'd rate them at about ~95% of an HD600. That may not hold up when I upgrade later, but I don't care, I got sick of the slow and woolly Senns and sold them. (I don't use my AD700s as much after picking up an A2000x, though, lol.)
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I just picked up the AD700s and I'm experiencing discomfort from either the drivers (round part of speakers) and/or the inner edge of the pads pressing on my ears. I think it's the former. Is this common? Maybe I got a set without enough padding. They bother when I first put them on. Sometimes they feel better the longer I wear them, sometimes not. It's unfortunate because they are a nice set of cans, but the discomfort is annoying and distracting.

I have a fairly small head if that has anything to do with the ear discomfort. I think 7 1/8 or 7 1/4, though not exactly sure since it's been a long time since I've owned a fitted hat. I would say the AD700s barely fit me. If I tilt my head forward, so my chin touches my chest, they slowly slide off, but if I tilt my head backward they stay on.
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Bend the cups inwards, the clamping wires are malleable.
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I just purchased these, went from grado sr80is to these. The comfort is amazing, soundstage is brilliant, to put it simply, I love these headphones!
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The 700s with a udac are great. Like them alot better than my sr60s. I'm done buying headphones, except maybe a spare pair of 700s
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Updated avatar to show appreciation best cans for the money, albeit a bit big. Wear them hours at a time, very comfortable.
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Ad700 sound good as my k701. Best of all it is half the price of k701. Highly recommended!!
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I have the ad700's right now and love them... moreso than my hd600's in many ways. It's one of those headphones that I think you'd see even more people having if they costed about 800 dollars and came in a cooler box... However, since I am human, I'm curious if I can get better...Who here was satisfied with the ad700's but then got another pair of phones and was in even more glory compared to the ad700's? I'm thinking about getting the stax 3050...Any suggestions?
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A2000X - their sound is even more effortless than the AD700s, more accurate, a bit brighter, and with some wicked badass bass. Rather open-sounding for a closed headphone, but towards the highs it gets closed-in sounding. Needs quite a lot more burn-in than the AD700s, but it's one hell of a 'phone afterward. It is also tonally accurate to boot, making vocals and most instruments sound more realistic, though not quite on par with RE0/RE252 in that regard, but it is certainly much closer than most other 'phones I've heard. Not as colored as AD700 either. Soundstage isn't as big as AD700, but it is even more precise.
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Just ordered: Can't wait to game on it.
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good voice if you listen POP, especially female voice
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I'm aiming to upgrade from my AD700s to the K701s eventually. Would there be a dramatic difference, given enough amplification?
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had my ad700's for about 2 years now and i've loved every day with them.

i've had an interest in recabling and adding a detachable mic to them, so out of boredom last night i decided to pull them apart and take a look.

12 hours later i've found that oven cleaner removes the purple from the grills quite nicely, and that waiting for flat black paint to dry takes entirely too long when you're as anxious as i am.

tremendous bargain headphone though, absolutely stunning.
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