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I love you so much!!!!!


My AD700's are actually comfortbale now loose but I don't play on doing jumping jacks or trying to head bang!

(Becuase when I do that I tend to smack my head on the desk and plus you look like a retard doing it)


It's not hurting now :)

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My other half's AD700's were delivered today....


as she is otherwise occupied I thought I would give them a try....


My first impression was that the fit was all wrong... pressure at the bottom of the earpad, no pressure at the top...


I feel like it should have even pressure all around.. but on the other hand I have to assume that this is how they are supposed to fit!


After all they are an open headphone - maybe this is AT's version of a Jecklin float type setup ???


Cursory experiments with pressuring the pads into various positions seems to indicate that they could sound better (to my ears with only 5 min listening!) with even all round ear pressure... which would best be achieved by shortening the 2 bars above rather than bending anything... Maybe what we should be asking AT for is a range of optional bar lengths.... so the phones could be properly fitted!


Modding is of course off bounds for me as these are not my phones.... but they do sound good

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I just shortened the headband as described in an earlier post a few night ago. It's very fiddly, so I'd only recommend it for those with steady hands and lots of patience. I cut the metal rods by scoring them with wire cutters, securing them at the score with vise grips and bending the waste piece off with pliers. When removing the plastic tubing, I made a careful cut upward from the open to avoid cutting the very thin wire that runs across the headband to the driver.


I ended up taking a total of about 2" off in two separate attempts, and I'd say that's a bit too much. 1.5" would probably be the sweet spot for my head. In any case, they fit much better now, and I'm glad for it. Let me know if you'd like a photo of the finished product; I don't have any from the process, unfortunately.

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