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Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 View Post
For $1400..u can get laid.
Why don't you whine about the headphone price in the headphone thread?

For the topic of THIS thread, the balanced Bijou was about $700 in parts.
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I'd plug them into my DV 332 and find out they sound just as good as the HD 650's!
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Originally Posted by anadin View Post
I never realised that hookers cost so much in Singapore.
well i didnt do my research yet...but for that amount u can get much more than a regular hooker...interested?
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Originally Posted by myinitialsaredac View Post
If I had a choice I'd wanna hear it with a balanced b22.

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Out of my 4pin XLR jack on my balanced b22..

Is there any other better option?
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I've just bought a boutique Cmoy for them.
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A fiio through the input of my portable AM/FM player I got from the 99 cents store... Jeez really?

EDIT: Grado RA1 - not fiio. MY BAD!
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If I had the money, I'd like to check them out of an RSA B52
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I'm thinking my SDS-XLR will do the trick! I'm sure they'll sound great single ended, but I suspect that they'll be a likely candidate for a balanced recabling job as well.
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Meier Corda Symphony
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Originally Posted by jirams View Post
Meier Corda Symphony
Or the SPL Phonitor.
No tubes. Don't know why, just a feeling.
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Thread Starter 
Hmm, I dunno... I kinda have the opposite reaction, that with a quality tube amp, the HD800 might have a really deep soundstage, more holographic imaging. But I do get where you're coming from... I've definitely heard crappier tube headphone amps than SS amps, but when glass is done right, nothing else compares. I, for one, look forward to trying my Leben CS600 with it first. Or, as I said, the OTL/SET config of WA2 would complement the Senns well... or the WA5s!
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Straight out of the headphone jack of my iPod shuffle.

Yeah, baby!
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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post
Oh, that sort of thing can end up costing you a lot more. Besides, you can sell the HD-800 afterward.
LOL. Good implications.
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Yeah, any top of the line tube monster like the Zana, or an overkill solid state like the B22, is going to fill the bill.
People need to get over the $1400 price tag, it'll be hopefully less at retailers (although the handbuilt thing may restrict who even has a hold of it, the pricing may be tightly controlled and it is surely not as massproduced as the HD650s). This is because most people have a stable of headphones like at least 4 $200-500 headphones and if this headphone really lives up to the superlatives of our reviewer (I would not just assume that he's a stooge that is hyping these for fun, he legitimately seemed to be hearing something well beyond anything he has heard before) then why own anything else but a pair of these?
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