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So...who's using Windows 7 right now?

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Hey everyone, just curious who's dual/triple-booting with the beta Windows OS.

I've been involved with some of its earlier builds, but the only thing that kept me dual-booting it with Vista was that my printer drivers didn't work with it. I just found out tonight that with this 7000 build, they now work, and now I really have no excuse to use Vista.

So yes, I'm on Windows 7 right now as my main (and only) OS. May not be the smartest choice in terms of program compatibility and security, but I can't help but love this greenhorn OS for what it is.

If I worked at Microsoft for slogan-making, this is how I'd sum up Windows 7:

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I just picked up a new laptop, a business model still shipping with XP pro, because I didn't want to have to play with vista. Maybe 7 is worth a try...
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Argh, I just found out that ASIO and WASAPI are broken/not supported on here. Nuts, now I have to listen to music the bland way.
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I may give it a try later although I have no complaints with XP right now. It's good to see MS acknowledge their mistakes and improve upon it.
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Initial views on Windows 7 seemed very positive. I'll make a move to it when I have the time. Definitely seems like a worth successor to XP. I hope they do away with some of the redundancy in Windows Vista. I hate the fac that some of the tools are only accessible on the original tool bar and can't be accessed by right click or on the new vista tool bar yet if the original tool bar is enabled, 80% of the options are repeated in both tool bars. Plus the navigation pane on the side becomes really useless when you can't change what it shows.
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Where did you get a copy? I can't find it.
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I have the beta but I need to install my other hard drive to install it. Weekend project for me
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Originally Posted by tseryan View Post
Where did you get a copy? I can't find it.
I heard they pulled down the page for some reason, however, you can find the direct link here.
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I have to redo a clean install of XP on one of my older laptops in the next couple of days. I'll probably set it up for dual boot with Windows 7 as well.
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I have been and did no even know it.
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anyone know how to take the auto expiration off?
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Not me.

I will always use XP Pro because all of my hardware and software and its related units (all built from 2006 and earlier, will not work with anything past Windows XP Professional, this lead me to stay with it rather than "upgrade" to its inferior succeessor, that being Vista.

Will Windows 7 work with my current equipment I have owned/collected over the past 5 years? This includes both my MZ-RH1 and NW-HD5, which run on SonicStage 4.2 CP, as well as an HP OfficeJet 7210, a Zip 250 drive, a floppy drive and also a Sony Memory Stick/Duo/Pro Driver, as well as all the other cmponents of my current setup (Microsoft Wireless 4000 keyboard/mouse, ActionTec DSL modem [offered by Qwest], etc.)?
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I got Win7 legit last night during the insanity that was the official beta rollout. I haven't had much time to mess with it but so far its pretty killer, the UI improvements are great. Compatability seems good so far, but I have needed to know what I'm doing a few times to "make" things work. Win7 to Vista is as windows XP is to Win2k, or 98 to 95.

here is the link for the beta:
Download the Windows 7 Beta
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you know once you get vista set up just right i actually quite like it

hmm trying to download 7 beta and nope wont work since they insist u use thier crappy client on anything other than IE 32bit, good show microsoft
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