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From the podium...

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Hi, I'm very new to all this and suffering from knowing just enough to realise I know nothing so please excuse me if I say something silly!

If you don't want to read all that below here's a little list...
> up to £150
> conductors POV; excellent positioning
> pref acceptable for public use (train/plane/pavement) but not 100% necessary.
> suitable for use with macbook 2.4ghz no extras needed
> small and female - big fine but not heavy. tiny ears!
> don't lynch me, but is there really, truly, nothing wireless worth having?

I'm looking for something that can give me the kind of feeling akin to standing on the conductors podium I guess this is achieved partly by a small soundstage but more importantly I seem to keep reading that the 3d positioning on certain phones (like the AT ad700s) is fantastic and I think this 3d positioning idea is probably more of a factor in getting that feel?

I'm going to be using them mostly with my Macbook, I have everything I can apple lossless, I don't want to have to buy any extra stuff like amps etc and I don't want to spend over gb£150

I do have a roommate and when I do travel it's a long journey home so I was ideally looking for something with all this great sound but also closed and portable. But I can say screw that for a really great immersive experience. I have a pair of those mdr-v150 sonys that I acquired from my ex who acquired them from his uni haha! Obv not great but fine for non-study use now, I can save up and buy some fab travel kit in the future.

But if anyone can suggest something that can offer both that would be great!

At the moment I'm really loving those beasty ad700s, I can get them for £80 from our local store, we know the owner, and that seems pretty damn bargainacious to me so thinking I should go for that. I'm 4'11" and look pretty funny in them though!
Any advice much appreciated
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The AD700 are great, but if you plan to use the phones in public, you'll be disappointed, as they're open, which means every sound from the outside world will compete with the music. So if you really want outdoors listening, you'd be far better off with closed phones or IEMs.
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Aye, I know they're open - but I like them hence I'm thinking I should just get them and deal with the sonys for public use for now until I recoup funds to buy something better!

I was mostly wondering if I will be able to really benefit from the advantages of open given I'm just using laptop. If so, then that's worth it. If not, I'd like some good recommendations for closed but close to the sound quality I'm looking for.

IEMs, I should have said, nothing stays in my ears. Except some hideously expensive Shures which I tried a couple of years ago but just couldn't justify buying.
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Indoors, you'll be fine with them. I'm listening to them right now. They work well with a laptop. :O)
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