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Newbie EQing question

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Hey all, I've set up my EQ to look like an upside down V (with the peak at 250) this makes everything perfect except the vocals are a little bloated out by everything else. Is there anything I can do to get the vocals more a little pronounced?

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Saying the vocals are bloated and wanting them more pronounced is contradictive. The following is assuming you miss-used the word "bloated":

The vocals are presented in the middle of that "V"- and by making that "V" you are cutting out and/or overpowering the frequencies that are vital to producing vocals.

Tame down the low and high frequencies in the EQ and don't cut any frequencies in the middle- or turn the EQ off all together.
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checkout the preset EQ like 'Vocal Booster' of iTunes and u ll know how much to adjust the frequencies.
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I would start from square one. Turn off the EQ or make it flat again. Listen for a few days to a wide variety of your favorite music. Try to decide if there is anything that consistently sounds "wrong" throughout all your music, either due to your playback hardware or due to your own personal tastes. Then if there is something like that maybe we can find a frequency range that you could boost or cut a little to compensate. I just find it hard to believe that an upside down V will really make everything (except vocals apparently) sound great.
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one approach:
Reference earphones
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