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Sam bought my Meier Headfive. he met me personally to pick it up and we talked for quite a bit. a very nice fellow and a great, knowledgeable Head-fi'er. i wouldn't hesitate at all in dealing with him again.

Thanks Sam!
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Sam bought my HD600s. Great transaction -- smooth right down the line with excellent communication and prompt payment. Excellent headfier and would happily buy or sell from him.

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I sold Sam my Little Dot MK-II amplifier. Quick payment, and incredibly pleasant to deal with. Overall, a wonderful transaction, and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to, or buy from him again in the future.

Enjoy the tubes!!
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Sold some XLR ICs to oogabooga. A quick and smooth one, nice friendly buyer! Will deal with him again
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Sam purchased my Pico. Payment was quick and communicationwas excellent. He is a great member of the community and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks again Sam for the great transaction and I hope you enjoy the Pico
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I bought TopPop's old LD MKII from first transaction on Head-Fi...Great experience!

The amp was just as described and dealing with Sam was painless.

A definite plus was the good communication before AND AFTER the sale.

A pleasure.

Mark in St. Louis
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Bought a Meier Headfive amp from Sam a couple of weeks ago and it arrived in a matter of days in pristine condition! Sam is extremely friendly and the transaction couldn't have been smoother (my first on head-fi). I would gladly buy from or sell to him in the future! Great head-fier!

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I purchased Sam's TC-7510 DAC...They are in excellent condition just as described. He shipped them very quickly and packed as if it was brand new. He had great communication throughout the whole process. I would love to do business some time again.

Thanks Sam!
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Sam sold me his Stax SR-5/SRD-6 - in excellent condition and super fast and well packaged shipping. A terrific introduction to the world of electrostatics. Highly recommended Head-Fier. Bryan
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Sam bought my Pico DAC, met up with him locally, quick and easy transaction! Thank you again!
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I sold my GLite/custom DPS to Sameer. It was a very smooth transaction and, while conversing about the unit, we were able to discuss much about what interests us about the Head-fi community. He's a top-notch member and a very professional fellow to transact with. Thanks for the advice about Sennheisers 600 and 650. Happy holidays!
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Purchased a pair of headphones from Sameer.
Very friendly, even brought his laptop and amp with him so that I could see how the headphones would benefit from an amp (after the purchase, mind you).

Thanks, Sameer!
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Bought a CKIII from Sameer, transaction went smoothly and I met yet another pleasant headfier.
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I sold Sameer my Grado HF-2s. He sent payment instantly and was a pleasure to deal without through the transaction. Another great head-fier!
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Bought HD600s from Sameer. He is without a doubt a top-notch seller, very friendly, prompt and just nice to deal with.

I'm pretty new to this, so Sameer gladly passed on some valuable advice. Thanks for that!
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