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Wonder if the PX100-II will kick HD-238's ass :P Saw it in Kong Hong the other day but I was searching for HD238 instead so I passed on that. Anyway it wasn't cheap, going for like 75 dollor
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My 238s are currently for sale by the way in case anyone is interested. I posted it in the For Sale section
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MY Senns HD238 are only making music out of one side (ear). That sucks they don't have warranty but I haven't used them that much.


In a related matter do  Ipads provide more power than Iphones or Ipods?  Even in my car only ONE speaker power comes on when I use Ipod or Iphone but with the radio its fine on both.

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ocean2026 mine are only making sound out of the left year after just over a year of light use.  I have no idea what happened to them.  Meanwhile I have a pair of cheap beat up Sony's I've been using for 25+ years without a single hitch.  Very disappointing considering I liked the HD238's.

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Well I bit the bullet and bought a pair of HD 239's since Newegg had a good deal on them.  They sound the same as the HD 238's but the headband pad is different and the color of the phones is more of a brownish than black, neither feature i prefer over the 238's unfortunately.  Hopefully this set lasts longer than a single year for pete's sake.

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i owned two pairs of these and BOTH stopped working (in one headphone or the other) for NO reason. It was irritating as hell. especially since they really do sound great. Sennheiser dropped the ball on these guys. obviously there's tons of defective units. on the bright side, these are the cans that got me into headphones. 

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