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Koss Portapro Vs AKG K-412 P

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Hi. I have been fallowing this site for a long time but I have just joined. I interested in portable music players and headphones for almost five years.I have Sennheiser CX300 and PMX60.But I wanna upgrade this handphones and listen more quality music than now.Consequantly of a long research I decided to buy Koss Portapro. I used to think this headphone the best choice for me.But then I saw AKG K-412 P. It looked really good. Now I dont know which choice is the best choice.I know a lot of thing about Portapro.But I know anything about AKG. If you compare them and say which is the best.I will be really grateful.Thankyou.
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I don't know about K412P, but can tell that K414P are IMO much better than Portas. Porta Pro's seem terribly muddy and way too bassy. OK, AKG's have some problems with controlling their lows, but they sound much nicer than Koss.
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Is there anybody who know something about Koss or AKG?
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I have no experience with the AKG, but I can tell you that the PortaPros have a really fun sound and they're comfy. The are pretty bassy and can sound a little muddy with some music such as prog metal and similar where there's fast drumming and bass that doesn't sound as fast as it should. The bass can be helped with the Kramer mod (search the forums for it, there are howtos). But none the less, they are fun.
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Thanks for your interest.
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For cheap open 'phones you can't beat the Porta Pros.
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You sure can - I have them both and I would definitely go for the AKG k412p (which I think is discontinued now).

The AKG's will perform better in every aspect. Better ergonomics too imo.
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I have both

I have both the Koss Porta Pro and the AKG 412P.

the Koss headphones are much more comfortable. The AKG is less comfortable, and it really clamps down on your head when worn. The Koss just sits on the ear. With the AKG after a few months of use, the right earpiece detached itself from the headband. I could never get it permanently back on to the headband. When the Koss does that, you can just snap the earpiece back on the headband unit.

The Koss has a lifetime warranty. I can't remember what kind of warranty the AKG's had. I do know that AKG makes excellent headphones (I have their K701 phones), but I don't think the 412P are made with the same set of quality standards as their more expensive headphones.

With regard to the sound, I think the bass frequencies are deeper with the Koss Porta Pros.
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portapros !
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Another strong recommendation for the PortaPro here!
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412 world better that PP. Best budget portable phone in my book.
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Haven't heard Portas, but have heard about them and they seem to be more "loudnessish" in the soundprofile than K412P. I have 412 as portables and enjoy them very much, clean, clear with lots of extension, both in the top and low-end. Seems they're quite neutral (not in the real sence, but compared to Portas, what I've heard regarding Portas, because again, I haven't heard them.)
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I loved my Portapros... until I lost them!!!! I'm irritated, to say the least. Anyway, very comfy, deep bass, Lifetime Warranty!!
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much as i respect the porta's, i wouldn't necessarliy recommend them over the new bunch of portable headphones, sennheiser px100/20 igrado's, and dare i say the akg's.

hands up, when it comes to akg's i only have 3 pairs, the k518, k27i/JBL 410 and the k450's. each are far more powrful and upfront in their presentation compared to their rivals. The k27i's or JBL410's (k27i's in drag) did take a bit of getting used to, but i promise you that contrary to popular opinion, akg can do detail!

i'm trying to get my hands on a pair of 414's, but i'm also looking at buying the K420 and the k430. if the K450's are anything to go by, they'll be very impressive.

So in anwser to your question, much as i love the Porta's (although i always get my hair caught in that sliding headband mechanism a problem i don't get with my akg's) my vote would have to be with the akg's.
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