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Sennheiser IE8 and Comply Tip Warning

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Warning to all thinking of this combination

Last week I took delivery of my Sennheiser IE8 IEM and just love them. However as I posted elsewhere on this forum I didnt find any of the tips very comfortable, having been used to the Shure 420 foam variety and I therefore ordered a set of Comply T400 tips that are said to be compatible. These arrived today.

I found it nearly impossible to get the things on.

As I was trying to twist the foam pad on I discovered that the tip of one of the headphones (the circular/ cylinder bit that the pad goes onto) had become loose from the main body of the earphone.

It seems the two parts are glued together. I found that the rubber sleeve on the comply tip had put a vise like grip on the tip of the headphone and in trying to twist the bud on I had loosed the seal between the two parts of the headphone.

In attempting to remove the offending tip without twisting it I had to destroy it so it and it cant be used again.

I was able to resecure the two parts of the headphone with very careful application of some superglue and thank god they have otherwise suffered no ill effects. You can imaging how gutted I was when I thought I had wrecked my brand new headphones!

I put a second tip on the headphone and this seems to have gone on easier. I will however have to leave the tips on there now as the only safe way to get them off without further risk of damaging my headphones is to force them off from the inside edge, rather than gripping and twisting them.

I have a pair of CX300 headphones and tried the Comply tips on these. They slip on and off much easier.

Evidentally, whilst Comply say the same T400 tips fit CX and IE models they seem to be too tight a fit for the IE range. Or at least, they will go on with some effort but dont expect to be able to interchange tips without wrecking the ones fitted in the process.

My advise is dont use them for risk of possibly damaging your very expensive IEM's.
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Hello, Thanks a lot for the warning! I was planning to buy the ie8 and then the comply tips because they work well i heard for good isolation but if they are so tricky to use then i wont bother.
Greetings, Anouk,
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well thats solves that as an issue for me then, had been thinking about getting some for my ie7 as the tips they give you are franly a bit crap, only get a seal from 1 so had been thinking about trying some complys. now i really dont think i shall bother
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get T500 or T400 and stretch the tube first
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Hello, what is the difference between the comply t400 and t500 tips?
Greetings, Anouk,
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OMG, i just bought some T500's!! So you guys are saying that I shouldnt use them? What if there was a way to just cut them off instead of pulling it if you wanted to change them? I feel bummed out because I cant get a seal in my right ear with the supplied tips with the IE8.
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Cutting the base made it a lot easier to slide it on. Thanks for the tip.

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Just found this thread and after having ruined a Comply tip already, thank you very much for the, erm...tips.


And, if this is your ONLY POST, it was a damn fine one.  Thanks.



Originally Posted by ikilledversace View Post

There are two problems between IE8 and Comply T-400.



1) The rubber core has a very firm sticky grip thus preventing you from being able to push the foams onto the phones.


2) Size of the rubber core is slightly smaller



1) Apply a tiny bit of vaseline on your finger then gently rub your finger along the side of the earphone that goes into the rubber sleeve. This allows the foam tip to be able to be pushed onto the phones easily.

2) Use a scissors and cut the base of the rubber core vertically/inwards about 2-3mm. This allows the mouth of the rubber base to open bigger.


This worked for me so hopefully it'll work for all of you : )

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Back when I owned the IE8, I would use a needlenose pliers to stretch out the Comply tips from inside the core, so they would slip on the nozzle easier.

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Hi Azathoth. Did you get your IE8 from Meiroque too?

Well, anyway, I tried stretching the tip apart with a pair of scissors rather than cutting the base...

The Complys sucked when the tips were fully inserted...they sound okay now....

But for some reason, I prefer the rubber/silicon tips included in most IEMs...

maybe I'll try the Sony hybrids next time...

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I personally find the Sony hybrids make them sound better, but it's even more difficult to get them on then the Comply tips.

BTW, why isn't this in the 'Portable and IEMs' Forum instead?

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yeah, wrong category...who started this thread? should pick the right category next time. haha


well, anyway, someone suggested that someone "circumcise" the comply foam...this apparently fixes the 

muffling effect on the SQ...

I've bought 3 sets, Tx-100 for my SE530, Tx-400 for the IE8, and a pair of Tx-500 for my future TripleFis...

So far the two earphones which i do own seem to have slightly muffled sound with the comply, especially the 



So yes, i'm thinking about snipping a bit off the tip...

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Sorry Edit.  I am referring to the Shure olive.  The inside of the "olive" tips...Are these the foam tips or what type of material is it?  I just got the foam tips and the inside of them has a plastic thats way too small to fit around the top of the IE8.  On top of that, cutting the base of the plastic didn't do anything.  I resulted in just taking out the plastic part all together leaving the whole bigger and without the plastic and just the foam.  

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The one where you cut the base of the tips are the complys. The comply tips T-400s, are supposed to be compatible with Sennheiser CX and IE series, but they are in truth, way too tight. So you need to cut vertically at the base to allow it to stretch more. The Shure Olives will never fit unless you remove the plastic core entirely. 

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