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High End Universal Remote?

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I"ll spend around 250 for one if someone can convince me they're worth it. I haven't played with one in my hands, but from the pictures, they don't seem to be made very well. I've spent most of my time looking at the Logitech 890 because it's RF'able and I have a RF ceiling fan.

has anyone used the 890, or should I be looknig at a different brand for the money I'm looking to spend.

Thanks Head-Fi!

P.S. I have less than ten items I would be controlling with this remote.
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I have a Logitech 880 (the non RF one ..) and love it.. Well, I loved it, until I left it behind with my son(and the big Home Theater Setup) when I moved in with my new wife in her house. I recommend them to everyone I know.
They are dead easy to program online and then download the config via USB. I don't think there is an easier unit out there to program(well, any of the harmony line). Mine has a bit of a wonky recharger cradle but I think that's been fixed in more recent units. I've had mine for probably 3 years..
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I've got a Harmony One and I am somewhat mixed. The main problem is if you do anything not using the remote, the remote gets out of sync and very difficult to get back in sync unless you repeat the same commands while covering the transmitter.

I guess this is really my own problem where I should remember to do everything with the remote but old habits die hard.
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I know what you mean about the unit getting out of sync with reality. The 880 has an "help" button that walks you through the steps to get things back the way they should be. It steps through the devices and asks if they are on or not, and if that fixed the problem etc until everything is ok. I suspect that any universal remote would have the same problem, since they don't have any way of knowing if a device is already on or not, or if its set to the right input or output(and the fact that the signal to turn on might also be the signal to turn off, if the unit is already on)..
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Yeah they're worth it and if you're asking about it you have the money to burn so just buy it already! Harmony one is great, and the model below it is fine if you want to save a bit of cash.
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I picked up a refurbished 880 for $75 and i love it, the interface isnt as smooth as the ONE, but it was 1/3 the price. The 880 is kind of hard to read in the dark, small butons with a weak backlight. If money was no object, i would have gone with the ONE.
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The 890 is very good. Save up for the Harmony One if you can. I had the 1000 for a while and it was fine, but the One is much better. More responsive. Quicker. I love having all the hard buttons. The 1000 relied too much on soft buttons.
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if i was to go for 1 it would be the ONE, alas i couldnt justify it!
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