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Originally Posted by jc9394 View Post
Hi Godkin, did you tried Audio Technica headphone with 3322?
I believe he hasn't. If you read the earlier posts you will see I had asked this very question.
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I must missed it, I have a HD600 and he did said it is very good synergy with it. I'm considering getting a D2000 and wonder how they pair. I don't think it will pair very well as most of DV amp pair better with high impedance phone.
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I don't think they pair well. Look at the HD EF-1. That's a hybrid.

What about a LD MK V?
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Want Tube amp, maybe a Woo6.
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My Denon AH-D5000's run very well with the DV3322 - no problems at all - much better than with the DV337 (go figure) - so I think it's a bit of a myth that the DV3322 does not do well with low impedance cans - my ears tell me different. YMMV however.
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Hello, I just received my darkvoice 3322. Unfortunately, it seems to be deaf on the left side (when i've already cranked both knobs). However, when i pull the plug half way, the left becomes alive and the right dies.

I tried roaming around the internet for a similar problem but nothing related to headphone amps.

I'm completely new with this stuff so please be gentle.

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Thank the lord, nevermind. it's working! i was afraid to meddle with the tubes but yeah, i'm glad i did.

Sorry about that.

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Yay for an easy fix!
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