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Thought I would post a couple of pictures of my very basic Netbook System. This is my main listening rig and consists of an Asus Netbook running Spotify and JRiver MC17 - Nuforce uDac2 - Grado SR80i (with Bocote Cups and modded drivers) and Beyerdynamic T70p.


The uDac2 is about to be changed to an Arcam rPac....hopefully early next week.


The Grado's are about to be completely modded including Magnum Drivers, 24AWG Copper Cable with 3.5mm Viablue Jack and Splitter, Leather Headband from Headphone Lounge and Aluminium Gimbals from MCA.


So here it is:







And just the headphones on there own:



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2500K -> 2700K

GTX 590 / HD 6990 -> GTX 670

FT03 mATX -> SG08 mITX

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That is so rad! Stuff does look a bit cramped. Is air flow in there a problem at all?

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Originally Posted by 3X0 View Post



Woah! very nice setup, who knew you could get such a system is so small of box, very impressive!

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Thanks. Airflow is pretty good -- the GPU pulls in air from its own side ventilation, and the CPU gets a fresh supply from above. The hot air is passively expelled out the other side of the case.

GPU load temps stay below 70'C and CPU load temps below 75'C (4.4GHz @ 1.27v). More important than temperatures for me was noise, so I'm probably going to switch out the Noctua fans for Thermalright TY-140s for the PWM control via the motherboard.

Basically I wanted to make a case for "big" power with HTPC size/acoustics. The real star was the new Asus cooler -- DirectCU II v2 is amazing.
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Surprised that that Noctua cooler fit in the FT03.  I really wanted to try a mITX build and looked long and hard at that FT03 option since it looked unique and would help with my space issues.  In the end, I just went with a standard ATX build with a Corsair 550D when I put together a new computer a couple of weeks ago.

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Here's my modest set-up


27 Inch iMac, Mackie MR5 MKII, Sony 7506 Headphones with EMU 0204 USB DAC. smily_headphones1.gif





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Hey nice setup!!!!


What lamp is that? it looks great.



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It's the concept Z-Bar

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It's way too warm on the west side of the apartment, so I've decided to do a bit of light listening on the patio. Much more comfortable


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New Desk, new keyboard (Logitech K360) , and new monitor (Asus PA238Q) biggrin.gif



First one here shows the mood lighting



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This is my Digital Storm custom gaming rig I got about a year and a half ago. Still maxes any game I throw at it and I expect it to for a couple more years.


 Intel Core i7 2600k, Liquid cooled

8GB of RAM clocked at 2000Mhz

2 Nvidia GTX 560 Ti in SLI

Creative X-Fi Fatality Titanium Professional sound card (I just yesterday realized that this card drives my 250 Ohm DT880 better than anything else I own)

Around 10TB in storage spread across a few HDDs


Just yesterday this thing became my home headphone rig as well. I had no idea that my soundcard could drive my headphones and sound so great while doing it.

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Digital Storm, FTW! 


I'd still love to get one of their xm15 Level 2 laptops.. I'm not a huge gamer, but I'd really like something that could easily max out the few games I have with killer FPS.

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Replaced the A5+ actives with passive KEFs biggrin.gif


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Originally Posted by raybanner View Post

Replaced the A5+ actives with passive KEFs biggrin.gif



Very Nice! I've always preferred passives over actives and those look very nice. BTW, what chair is that?

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