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Originally Posted by tstarn06 View Post
Also, this struck me. If the Comply T400s work with the IE8s, and they do (in terms of fitting on the nozzle), what is the difference from using the Comply or the decored olives? The olive foam is better for SQ? I have olives and they can sound fine, but not better than Complys to me. The lack of a true sound tube allows a higher SQ? That has to be the only difference. Too late for me to try the IE8s with the de-cored olives, but I can try them with other wide circumference phones, like the RE2 or VSR0PRO II. I just had to ruin a good pair of olives to try it, since I am saving them to try with the UM3X, if I ever get those phones.

No matter, but good find if it works for IE8s owners who are having fit/isolation problems.
Large Olives are larger than large Complys. (Complies?) Different kind of foam, too. I haven't been unhappy enough with the Complys to make me decore my Olives, though. They suit me fine for the IE8.

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Um, my post was from May 2009. Anyway, good to know you are happy with the Comply foam and the IE8.
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True, the post was from a while ago, but tstarn06's question is still unanswered: do decored olives isolate better than complies or not? I find myself seeking more isolation from the IE8 and would love to know the answer to this question (seriously, please stop me before I go and needlessly order some ACS custom tips!)
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I think you will never get "good" isolation from IE8. The problem comes from the bass tuning knob. Even with custom sleeves, the hole will still be there (so basically, the main problem). You can do a simple test: put some tape on the holes and use your standard tips. You will see isolation increase dramatically. At least, that was my case. The problem is that while isolation gets better, you lose all bass and midbass.
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@photofan1986 I tried the tape on the IE8, you are right, it drastically changes the sound, definitely not worth it for the isolation.
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After a few months I will wake up this thread

I ordered a package with five pairs of olives from eBay. Today I received olives and I just tried this mod. Isolation is much much better now. I adjusted my player to a lower volume point. I'm happy with lows, mids and highs.

As a note, I cored the plastic center out of the Olive foam with carefully digging connection points by using the nozzle cleaning tool that come with the olive package. This way provides minimum deformation in the foam.


This photo will give you idea about the core of the olive, if you've never seen an shure olive foam:

IE8 after modding:
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What size of the Shure Olive stuff did you use? Is it Large?
Also, from what I've seen, the Olive Foams are actually called "Black Foam Sleeves", is that so?

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I used large size. I bought the one with the item code EABKF1-10L. L at the end means large.

Yes, Olive Foams is also called "Black Foam Sleeves".
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