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Alcest - Kodama - Complete Box + Shirt Bundle
This is too good to be true.
New Alcest album will be a return to their roots (so probably no more above average Shoegaze)!
And it will be Japan themed (sort-of) and inspired by one of the greatest Anime movies, Mononoke Hime!
My inner weeb is crying tears of joy :')
Immediately preordered the complete box set ♥

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Quite a news day: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2016/07/26/seen-and-heard-40-watt-sun-dysrythmia-alcest-inquisition-asphyx/


Oh Dagon, you rapscallion: “In the universe, where order within disorder mirrors the struggle of two astral gods, serpent versus eagle as they battle upon their thrones for the supremacy of quantum mechanic laws, a vortex left behind their war-thrones sets motion to death portals within our stellar black ocean generating a cosmic whirlpool of infinite movement and renewal at every level, consuming all matter and light.”

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Originally Posted by emptymt View Post

yeah, I saw the post that he made about the kind of musics he likes, I didn't see Insomnium in his list though.


gwahaha! TYG loves picking on me. If only you saw our old conversations in AAMML... The highlight was when he basically said that, due to my seemingly superhuman powers, I was surely genetically engineered in a laboratory to bring forth the next evolution of humanity, or something like that. XD


Although melodeath is my favorite metal genre, I'm not nearly as knowledgeable about it as black metal. I haven't even heard Insomnium and Scar Symmetry yet! And no metal genre is my favorite genre of music period. I'm into nearly everything else too, especially electronic stuff and modern classical. If you can combine metal, electronic, and classical (particularly with dramatic choirs), I'm a happy camper. My favorite test track (for audio gear) "ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn" by Hiroyuki Sawano (the first track on the Attack On Titan anime soundtrack) is like that. I would share it here, but I can't find the actual song on YouTube; only crappy alternate versions and covers.

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Are revocation in anyway associated with artificial brain. Like sme members. Didn't wanna Google 😋
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Originally Posted by wrathzombie View Post

Are revocation in anyway associated with artificial brain. Like sme members. Didn't wanna Google 😋

Yep, the other guitarist for Revocation (Not Dave, the other dude) is the main songwriter for Artificial Brain, but he does not tour with them. Still, the live guitarist they have is great and he has toured with a bunch of other bands. They are incredibly good live.

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Still waiting for another release from Universum :(



One of the first bands that got me into Melodic Death Metal

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