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People always talking about what is metal and what is not. Like metal is an adjective. As in, that is so metal. Just like people might say that is cool, gay, insane, awesome, stupid, or whatever.


That is so metal. So what's metal? I think it basically means bad ass.


How about blackwater park? That's pretty metal, huh? This past weekend as a kayak instructor and tour guide I helped lead two days of tours. Guess where? Blackwater Park, of course. Actually Blackwater National Refuge in MD. each tour was four hours of on the water instruction. We had crazy wind that created white caps.  I think that's metal.


So what is BNR? It's a 2800 national park refuge for migrating birds. It contains 1/3 of Maryland's wetlands. And, we have the Chesapeake bay which is a schhiiit ton of wetlands.


It's part of a the so called Bird flyzone which is basically protected areas that migrating birds use as they migrate from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. 


Stop. Birds. Not so metal. Well, you got the album nighttime birds. Also, it's the second largest home of breeding eagles second to Florida. Sometimes called the Everglades of the north. We saw an insane number of massive eagles flying and Osprey. Diving down from amazing heights into the water hunting fish. Just think, when you can barely distinguish a bird of prey in the sky, it can see the tiny movement of a mouse or fish in the water.  Birds of prey. Hunters of the sky. And epic scenery. That's pretty metal. Maybe power metal, but metal.


Sunday was dark and overcast. If felt, oh, IDK, kind of like an Opeth album.


Guess what I'm listening to today in honor of the refuge. Blackwater Park of course!


I wonder how many Blackwater parks there are in the world?  Here's one that's maybe kind of metal :evil:



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