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New Revocation has songs, that sound like TBDM. I like it.

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Originally Posted by Tom Yum Goong View Post

Okay thanks!
And the LP120 has better speed variance and wow/flutter specs (I don't even know what that means...)?

If the speed of the platter fluctuates you hear it as a pitch change(higher speed, higher pitch and vice versa). It can be really nauseating. Many of the rips you can get online show this clearly.

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Listen to this and help me figure out the similar TBDM song from their last two albums.

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Originally Posted by vaed View Post


Seriously, I'm enjoying this record way more than their debut. A lot more exciting and interesting sections in general at first listen. "Earthborn Evolution" (the song) epitomizes everything I love about the band.


I also downloaded it from the interwebs, but that's also because I pre-ordered the vinyl already and so I can justify it. I just need to get my TT fixed, now...


It's way too early for me to make a fair comparison between the two, because The Aura just keeps growing and getting better to this day, so it had a bit of a headstart. And if the grow-ability of The Aura is any indication, it will take me at least a year to appreciate Earthborn Evolution as much as it deserves. I will say this though, even with the sky high expectations I had, it does not disappoint. This was my initial fear and I am very glad this turns out to be completely unfounded. :bigsmile_face:


I hope the vinyl version you ordered has a download code for the FLAC/Apple Lossless version on Bandcamp? Either way, yeah, I think downloading it is completely justifiable if you've purchased a fysical copy. Especially if your TT is broken. ;)

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Originally Posted by wrathzombie View Post

Listen to this and help me figure out the similar TBDM song from their last two albums.

I really love the guitar work on this song. The way the lead guitar starts off then integrates with the song is so cool to me. Plus the whole tone of the guitar.

Even with decades of guitar and thousands of guitar sounds made, the guitar sounds totally original here.
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You guys! Free ear-rape of the highest order! Get it here.




Sorry if this was posted before. Did a search, couldn't find.

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