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Originally Posted by Tom Yum Goong View Post

Oh I really like this mostly improvised jam stuff.

Not bad!
yeah but they (Earthless) have had the same jam since their first album. I'm just tired of it. I can see the appeal if you haven't followed Earthless before but for someone who has, this album is just a rehash of the same licks and chord progressions. Granted it does have a slightly different flavour due to the Heavy Blanket involvement but not enough for me.
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prog metal from Australia. hemina.

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great stuff from the latest fates warning.

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symphony x. my fave album. the divine wings of tragedy.

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my fave blind guardian album. imaginations from the other side.

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my favorite stratovarius album. visions.

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power metal done right. helloween ep, some 30 years ago with kai Hansen.

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swiss tech trash, the mighty coroner.

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dan swano infestdead, death metal a la deicide.

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one of the most intense death metal album ever made. angel corpse, the inexorable.

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my favorite morbid angel album. but the first album I had was altars of madness.


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Holy moly! Nine albums posted in rapid succession. I can't keep up! (Case in point: it's eleven albums now.)


I've been meaning to hear that Angel Corpse album.

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my favorite satyricon album, nemesis divina.

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battles in the north, my favorite immortal album.

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Originally Posted by erikfreedom View Post

my favorite satyricon album, nemesis divina.


My fave is Rebel Extravaganza. :cool:

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