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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

I like it better than their early stuff? The guitar sound is cool!

I'm looking forward to this one (Triptyicon). We'll see how consistent it is.

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Originally Posted by markm1 View Post

I'm looking forward to this one (Triptyicon). We'll see how consistent it is.

It's certainly more obvious and less experimental than Celtic frost. In some ways I thought the first one was brilliant, the anger against Martin Ain was palpable and made for tom warriors heaviest music since hellhammer, so I'm hoping they keep it up on the new one!
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Originally Posted by Wnuwk Siphon View Post


I sure did. They've got some great stuff and I've had Cult of Fire on my wishlist for some time (choices..).


There is one that is arguably even more insaner than Beyond: the Abyssal lp. Although for some reason they only have one preview track. The full album can be found at Abyssal Bandcamp for $ name your price... :eek:. Death metal evocative of whirlpools.:bigsmile_face:

Oh yeah, I love Abyssal, too. Death metal like this... sometimes I just turn off all the lights in my room and just slack in my chair listening to it. It's like the best nightmare ever.

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Nominon-good cd but that production

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Listening to Alcests Shelter now. Is it metal? god no. Is it still fracking awesome? god yes

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Originally Posted by BLACKENEDPLAGUE View Post

Listening to Alcests Shelter now. Is it metal? god no. Is it still fracking awesome? god yes


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Excuse me?

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Originally Posted by keepitsimple View Post

Who are they? 


Edit: Found it.. Sick from Belarus. 

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Holy **** guys, one of the Japanese artists that defined symphonic metal for me is returning from the grave... with SIGH!


From SIGH's Facebook:


"You Oshima from Kadenzza To Play Guitars on Sigh's new album "Graveward".

Remember the great Japanese band / project Kadenzza? Actually Kadenzza is a solo project by a multi-instruments player You Oshima. He released two outstanding albums on Holy Records in the 2000s but after the second album "The Second Renaissance" came out in 2005, he was forced to keep silent by some misfortune he had to go through. However, now the silence is over. Finally he is back! He is going to play guitars for our 10th album "Graveward" to be recorded this year. Here's what he says.

"Four years ago all of a sudden I was suffered from cancer and almost crossed the bridge between life and death. Then came the huge earthquake on March 11th, 2011. More than 450 people were killed by Tsunami in Iwaki city where I live. And as my house is located just 35km away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, I had to leave my hometown for a while. Fortunately none of my family was killed in the disaster and I am lucky enough to have been able to come back home now, but the life was so tough back then that I was almost giving up playing music. Then I heard from Mirai. He asked me to work with Sigh. Now I started feeling the power inside and also thinking of resurrecting Kadenzza! Kadenzza fans, I won't disappoint you!"

"Graveward" is going to be a very cinematic album. Epic, symphonic and of course evil and scary. We're 100% sure that You Oshima will play a big role in making "Graveward" a masterpiece!"

For those of you who don't know, Kadenzza is a one-man band that plays an utterly bombastic, cinema-inspired form of symphonic black metal. Very entrancing, atmospheric, and melodic. I'm soooo stoked that he's coming back.




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New album from The Atlas Moth this June!! One of my first metal bands, and my favorite sludge metal to date.



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I for one will be interested in both Atlas Moth and new Sigh!

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Such a great song!
So far, I've been to two of their concerts and they never played it....


What makes me even more sad is the fact(?) that I will never hear this song performed live.
Might be my favorite song. Not just favorite BTBAM song.

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Managed to get an original cd copy of peace sells-kicks ass-lots of debate over the remix albums.

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