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Originally Posted by Danieru View Post

Well I like both Nile and behemoth, but I haven't listened to neither in a while now. Plus their music style is just way too different. Nile is more technical. Hence technical death metal, but behemoth has more black metal influence, and that is why the its with the whole evil/Satan thing. But it's not all they sing about. They sing about philosophy and also middle eastern mythology too. 

I'll probably gonna catch some flak for this, but, oh well... 

I actually purchased Arockalypse when it came out. Had this song as a special edition CD. I guess I played it like 5 times. Not really my style. The guy at the CD store gave me a strange look when I purchased it, Bionic Records in Huntington Beach California. I used to get a heavy metal satalite radio station in my car. I heard them on my way to the CD store. Total impulse buy.
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Originally Posted by Danieru View Post

I'm probably gonna sound really stupid, but what is DR, Peak, and RMS? 

Metal-Fi's Dynamic Range page
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I have been desiring a good sounding Emperor Anthems at the Welkins at Dusk-but that may not be possible.



Anyway, I know it would detract from the low fi charm, but if they could have recorded that album with all of their youthful genius with the recording skills of say-Stephen Wilson-that might make an amazing sounding album. I know a lot of people would think that would ruin it. Still, symphonic metal IMO should be heard with good fidelity vs Darkthrone which you want to sound like fingernails on a chalkboard.


I've always thought the overall aesthetic, the combination of occultism with a love of nature, symphonic values, subtle Norwegian pagan and folk influence  and big, epic mysterious.... things that go bump in the night....qualities....make for a mesmerizing listen.



On Amazon I see there is a 2004 enhanced version. I don't know what "enhanced" really means.


Anyone have that copy? ~~Audio CD, Enhanced, 2004


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Still my favorite Emperor album.
I think the only thing we could hope for is a decently recorded live album. Might happen with all their shows next year :-|

The remastered version from 04 is just as dynamic as the 97 version
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Yeah I'm praying for a new live album, hopefully something that's actually high quality because Live at Wacken and Live Inferno both suck.

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What you think of Emperial Live Ceremony? Anyways, anyone else get new albums for Xmas?


I ended up getting (Metal only is listed) :


DANZIG ~ Danzig


MOB RULES ~ Black Sabbath 

HUMAN ~ Death 








Feliz Navidad btw

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I only got two CDs this year:

This one

Aaaand this one (which is super Metal for a classic recording IMO).

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I 2nd the metal part for the classic piece. Awesome gifts btw :D


Here's the rest of my list

Click for list (Click to show)

KID A ~ Radiohead 

POST ~ Bjork 








Happy Holidays :o)

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Originally Posted by torres savior View Post

Anyways, anyone else get new albums for Xmas?

No. On the other hand I got a Sonisphere ticket (currently only Metallica has been announced, but on this tour there was one Sonisphere played and other bands were Slayer, Mastodon, Gojira and Ghost so I assume most or all of them will play in Poland, too). Also, Cliff Burton's biography (called "To Live Is To Die") to fit. ;-)
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Man I think I just solved my metal fix for a little while. I ordered 20 ish metal cds and am just waiting for them to arrive in the mail.I generally listen to music a lot so having a wide variety is convenient. I have been listening to this album on youtube, and I like it a lot. 


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Mind posting a list of the CDs you purchased?


Also this is A LOT better than I expected. Shame they split after this EP.


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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

Seriously though?


Who looks more professional?





I know......not fair, but still?

The first pic looks like some guys heading to a stag party (a mans last night out before getting married) while the second look like they spent way too long getting dressed up and putting on their make up.


Personally I think the second band might put on the better live show and probably look the more professional, but the first are more likely to have some talent because they don't feel the need to hide behind their appearance.

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Originally Posted by markm1 View Post

You can spend a lot of time with Steven Wilson and his various tentacles.

If you're listening to the PT back catalog,  I recommend

 Porcupine Tree-Stars Die: The Delerium Years '91-97. It came out in 2002-It's a 2 disc box set of his 90's experimental prog period. If you like slightly off beat prog, its really good. 

Allmusic-The delirium Years: "narrows its focus to the group's psychedelic, pre-ambient Pink Floyd era that relied heavily on guitarist/founder Steve Wilson's more pop-oriented -- but still epic -- compositions".

It's much less polished than Abstentia, Deadwing or Fear of a Bland planet-the PT studio albums I'm familiar with. But, great music. Less of a metal influence- you won't hear those great big power riffs that Wislon started using after he produced Blackwater Park.

Also, If you haven't heard his collaboration with Mikael Åkerfeldt-Storm Corrosion from 2012-I would recommend that also. Quite a departure from Opeth or PT

I know none of this is metal, but a couple of years ago he was asked to remix the King Crimson catalog. I've been investigating KC for the first time this year. They are pricey box sets-usually with 1-2 CDs (bonus tracks, demos and all the rest) and DVD-but the sound is awesome and are mixed for surround sound. S. Wilson is known for his surround sound mixing skills. If interested they are the "40th  anniversary" series not to be confused with the "30th anniversary" series that Wilson wasn't involved with. I don't know why it took me so long-but anyone that considers themselves a prog fan should at least listen to the first KC-album-In the Court of the Crimson King. Their later stuff actually verges into an almost metal guitar sound on some of their songs. I have Red and you can hear a heavier sound on at least one song.

Nothin wrong with a little prog thrown in the metal mix:atsmile:

I think I have everything Wilson has ever had a hand in. I like Opeth a lot to, but I was disappointed in Storm Corrosion. KC has never done it for me either though I think Fripp is an excellent musician. I've dug a little into their catalog, but like a lot of Prog (Yes, Genesis, ELP) I've never heard anything that really blew me away. Too much of a Rush fan I guess.
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Originally Posted by torres savior View Post

Mind posting a list of the CDs you purchased?


Also this is A LOT better than I expected. Shame they split after this EP.



Amon Amarth- With Oden on our side, Fate of Norns, Deceiver of Gods, and Versus the World 

Suffocation- Self Titled

Cannibal Corpse- Torture

Ensiferum- Iron and Self Titled

Dark Tranquility- Projector

Soilwork- Natural Born Chaos

Lamb Of God- As Palaces burn

In Flames- Clayman and Jester Race/Black Ash (I already own whoracle, come clarity, colony, and sounds of a playground fading)

Nekrogoblikon- Power EP

Despised Icon- Day of Mourning and Ills of the Modern Man

Wintersun- Time I

Benighted- Asylum Cave

Kataklysm- Shadows and dust

Children of Bodom- Hatebreeder


And In Flames Used and Abused Live DVD


Some of these are my brothers purchases, but after he rips them into flac files I am pretty much the only one who uses the physical copy. Some of these bands I am torn on and just wanted to try for cheap. I personally am not a huge fan of lamb of god (their drummer is awesome though) along with despised icon and soilwork I am somewhat undecided if I like them. I know I like everything about soilwork until they get to the clean sections. I bought a bunch of Amon Amarth, because I have been listening them on youtube a lot. A couple of these I brought up before but they have not arrived at my house yet.


I would still like to purchase Wintersun Self Titled, Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper, Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal, some more Dark Tranquility, and the 2 other Nekrogoblikon albums when they reprint them. I would have bought these but they are OOS on the gohastings site used. In which they are having a 33% sale if you buy 3 or more used cds.

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