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Nuforce NE-7M vs NE-8 (:'(, can't decide...)

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See, I am definitely going to pull the trigger on one of these and yes, I've read most of that big huge thread started by HA.

But I still can't decide.
I do have concerns about the bass on both of them, for different reasons.
The Nuforce NE-8 is noted to be lacking bass but what I want to know, just how bass deficient is it?
Say versus the NE-7M and on the other end of the scale, the near-bassless ER6i?
Also, the concern I have about the NE-7M's bass is that it's be reported to be 'uncontrolled' and not tight and that despite the NE-8 lacking bass versus the NE-7M, it's more controlled and tight.
I have a Fiio E5 on the way so maybe the NE-8 amped = bring out the bass more?
(The Fiio E5 is much more balanced than the E3 thus you cannot apply the E3 sound sig to the E5)

Help me decide!
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What kind of music do you listen to?
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All sorts really so it makes it harder.
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I would go with the NE-7Ms, they are more balanced all around.
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But I like the reports of the NE-8 having better higher end so yeah... :/
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The NE-8s have a better high end, but bass is almost non-existent without good tips/fitment.

The NE-7Ms's high end isn't that much off of the NE-8s.
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Well, you know how much bottom end I feel the NE-8's lack from the other NE-8 post, in which I see you have posted to.


- you listen to rock, jazz and just about everything else but funk, rap and hard/speed metal (all the latter needed hard bottom end response to get their harmonies across)

- you've got a good player with fine midrange and top end response plus equalization capable of enhancing the bottom without affecting that midrange

IMHO you can definitely try NE-8's and possibly find happiness. But in very noisy environments (regardless of their excellent isolation), driving rhythms or with non-equalized players...they simply don't have enough bottom end to keep just about any discerning listener long-term satisfied.

Just when I am happy with my NE-8's the music or environment I am listening in changes, and I find myself wishing for a bit more bottom end - and that's with my DNSe Bass boost already at either 3 or 4 (out of a max 5) just to get the lower midrange back to appropriate (read: 'normal' / realistic) levels. Without the DNSe activated their lower midrange is almost nonexistent, never mind their bass. But I love everything else about them - physically - so I am thinking of using them as high activity / exercise cans and looking for general listening cans. The isolation and comfort while exercising is really fantastic.
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good post Snake, because when I had the NE-8s I couldn't get a real good fitment due to my thick-framed glasses and I would keep constantly trying to adjust them because I wouldn't hear any lower frequencies at all. Plus using them on the subway was even worse because it contributed to the lack of bass.
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I've had the NE-8 for a couple of weeks now.

They really started to shine after about 100 hours of use. The mids and highs
are really clear now, with a nice soundstage. I feel that they just present more of an open window to the music than the RE2, Atrio M5, UM1, and even Q-Jays that I have had.

I am using them unamped from my Clip, with no EQ. Ilisten to rock etc.. like Radiohead, Dave Matthews, Weezer.

Now the bass.... I agree this this is the only area that underwhelms, at least with the stock tips.

Getting a good seal with Comply T400s has made a big difference. They don't really add that much to the bass, just enough added warmth and midbass kick that I would call the bass acceptable. It's hard to describe.
I would like to hear others impressions of using complys with these.

I also have an E5 coming. I hope using the bass boost will take the bass from barely OK to good.

Has anyone tried the NE-8 with an E5 yet?
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