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...and a year later..

might be worth it for $34 now
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I purchased these after reading this thread, and Jaawa's review.


I was only looking for decent headphones to wear while working out, but I must say.. I was VERY pleasantly surprised when I put them on for the first time.


I don't have a lot of experience with in-ear headphones though, so for all I know, there might be better ones out there. I already had Sennheiser 280 pro for when i need noise isolating, but I think I already prefer these ones, at 1/3rd the price. They're certainly more comfortable, amazingly enough.


The only gripe I have with them is that the extreme bass they provide block a bit of clarity I think. They're perfect for thumping rap/electronica tunes etc, but very decent for other types of music.

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Nice to hear, I've been enjoying mine ever since I bought them and I've found these to be one of the most underrated IEMs I know.

Their all-around performance however isn't apparent with budget DAPs, while my Creative Zen Stone does drive 'em nicely, they lack clarity just as you pointed out. The lows can be a bit too extreme.

With my Iriver H320 though, I've made a few EQ settings and I'm now able to enjoy all genres of music to my heart's content. I think they're a solid performer as IEMs go, gaining a lot from proper source+amp combinations. Bang for the buck & friends of upgrades, so to speak

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Bought them yesterday on Ebay, 35€ shipped. They should get here tomorrow, can't wait! I was looking for a set of IEMs for my Ipod Shuffle for when I go running and for gym use. After using my Sony MDR-XB700/XB300's, going back to the crappy 10$ earphones was a blow to the heart, so I decided to invest some money on something that was good for the occasions in which my headphones couldn't be used. I was interested in the Sony MDR-XB40's (did any one say bass lover? lol), but I believe that they would be impossible to use while running and doing other physical activities!


I'll let you know what I think once I've tried them for a bit ;)

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Can't really say much yet, except that they don't aren't as comfy as my other IEM's (Sony brand, don't know the type though), but they stay put in my ears and I guess that's what really counts since I'll be using them for gym/running. As for the sound quality, I need more time to try them out, plus the Ipod Shuffle isn't great as a source, I'd like to try them with some other equipment aswell!

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Small update to my previous post.


I accidentally spilt some Pepsi on them, well, actually I pretty much soaked them in it because they were laying on the table exactly where I dropped the glass. I then ran them under a tap.

They still work, so they definitely are water resistant if anyone's wondering.

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I have these headphones, and I love them. Never really used them for anything sporty. Just at my desk at work but they sound great. As a previous poster mentioned they are great for rap/electronic, that is all I listen to so they are prefect for me. Now only $35 on amazon!

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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post

had a quick froogle before and think the cheapest i saw was just under £40, was tempted myself but thought for that money i could just spend a tad more and get cx95 ( i am what is commonly known as a fat lazy b*stard and really dont need its sporty attributes:-)

good value price though, slightly cheaper here than the us it would apear

Lol , made me laugh 

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ah crap, thread made me froogle them and only £18 on play


3 clicks later ive bought a set

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Originally Posted by mark2410 View Post

ah crap, thread made me froogle them and only £18 on play


3 clicks later ive bought a set

Great price bro! ;)

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I have both the Sennheiser IE8 and the CX380II. To my ears, the CX380II come close to the IE8. I also had a pair of CX300's which I returned. The the CX380II has better bass, sound less shrill than the CX300.

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Originally Posted by daremo View Post

Small update to my previous post.


Update to my update post.. :)


They still work. Still sound good.

I use them at work, when working out, walking the dog, in the shower during a drunken haze and for noise isolation (which is what I'm using them for right now. Damn neighbours.)

The left earpiece sometimes slips out a little bit due to sweat, but I'm still happy.


That said - I don't use them all the time. That would be silly. When I really want to *enjoy* music I use other headphones.

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Out of curiosity how do these compare to the CX300-II(in terms of SQ of course). 

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I have used these at the gym and on the plane/bus since 2009. They just stopped working in one ear today. They were great. As a point of reference, I also own the Monster Turbines, Koss Pro DJ-100, and I've heard my sister's Audio Technica M-50.

These Senn's are very good in terms of noise isolation and have very respectable sound quality. Bummer. Looking for a replacement now.

I'm considering the MEElectronics M6-CL Sport. Anyone owned/tried both and willing to make a comparison?

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Another update. Well, they've died. Sort of.
Right channel suddenly dropped to ~70% of its counterpart, so they're as good as dead.
Got 2 years out of them.
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