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I bought a pair of e2s 7 months ago and the headphone jack is now faulty. Not a sign of the well documented worn cabling issue though. I took them back to the shop who have sent them of to Shure for assessment.

Anyhooo... I loved the sound of the e2s, I felt they lacked bass though. It took almost a month to bed them in and at first I was really dissapointed thinknig what a bad buy - never again. Of course once bed in I told myself I will never settle for stock earbuds again.

So to my point... Shure have said they will supply either the SE110 or the direct replacemnt for the e2s the SCL2. I am unconvinced, is the SCL2 really a replacement for the E2 and is the SE110 really as good as the e2s. If so why bother renaming the e2 to SCL2 and why is the SE110 cheaper than the e2 when I bought it. Humph.

Should I accept this or take it up with the shop who is dealing with Shure or follow another route... pay the extra for a pair of SE310s or Senn IE7s or any other equivalent in the £100-£130 (£s sterling - yes I am british).

I listen too Indy (no sniggers please) and rock, bass isnt high on my list of priorities but if there is none at all I am sure I would miss it. Bands such as one republic, biffy clyro, linkin park are constantly in my IPOD 30G playlist.

I need something to give me the wowwwwwwwww factor I felt when I first listened to the e2s. I have also tried a pair of Bose triports but felt the mids and trebles were lacking and the bass was too heavy so returned them and upgraded to the now faulty Shures.

Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!